Clinique Just Launched a Gloss Version of its Iconic Black Honey Lipstick

It's like fall in a tube.

Woman wearing Clinique Black Honey Pop lip gloss

Amanda Ross

Beach days, barbecues, and frozen drinks aside, the lazy drawl of late summer seems to put everyone in a good mood. As fun as fall is, something about the back-to-schoolness of it all kind of makes its impending arrival feel like the real work's about to begin. There are truly a million reasons to wish summer would never end but Clinique's latest take on its iconic Black Honey shade is not one of them.

Even if you're the sort of person who spends every June, July, and August living like an extended cut of Blue Crush, this iteration of Black Honey is enough to make you long for 60-degree days and crisp leather jackets. The new Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss ($20) delivers the same deep plum-brown pigment that made the color Clinique's best-selling lipstick of all time, but with an ultra-shiny, buttery-smooth gloss finish that elevates any look. The instant autumnal appeal of the shade is undeniable—the rich, earthy tone is practically synonymous with the season. But this new Black Honey Pop features all of the depth and sophistication as the original as well as the playful casualness only a gloss can provide.

The Product

Even if you've never personally used a Black Honey-colored Clinique product, you've almost certainly heard the name. Black Honey joins the pantheon of shades like Orgasm, Kitten, and Pillow Talk as instantly-recognizable, often replicated colors that became tentpoles of their respective brands. Black Honey is a particularly popular shade as much for its flattering tones as its consistently-solid formulas. Universally flattering in color with a relaxed semi-sheer opacity, it's the prototypical cool girl distilled into a lipstick bullet.

"The cult classic lip shade first launched in 1971 and continues to be Clinique’s #1 best-selling lipstick," a rep for the brand tells Byrdie. "A cross between a lipstick and a gloss, Black Honey feels incredible to wear, has shine without the stickiness, and is easy to take off." In this latest edition, that signature sheen is even more luxe with the thicker, true-gloss finish.`

The Formula

In true Clinique fashion, the pigments (as great as they are) take a backseat to the real stars: the ingredients. The Pop Plus glosses are as much a nourishing lip treatment as they are a makeup product. Neither too sticky nor slippery, the gloss's trademark buttery feel—think the consistency of a viscous lip oil—is thanks to classic conditioning ingredients like shea butter, avocado butter, and aloe butter. Meanwhile, an infusion of moisture-grabbing hyaluronic acid makes lips appear to reach their full, volumized potential while smoothing out fine lines along the way.

My Review

Woman wearing Clinique Black Honey Pop Lip Gloss

Amanda Ross

As a fan of the original Black Honey and layering on so much lip gloss I look Saran-Wrapped, I knew right away this was something I needed for the upcoming fall. When first pulling the wand from the tube, it was an immediate relief to realize this formula wasn't thin or gloopy, making application (and storage) way easier. The super-soft doe-foot applicator is even hourglass-shaped to grab and coat lip contours with ease. As for that forever-in raisin color that made the first Black Honey such a hit? It might actually be even better as a gloss—this is something that can dress up a simple sweater or be the finishing touch on a holiday party look. If you need either a centerpiece product to build your fall look around or the will to start thinking about shorter days, start here. But be warned: Side effects of wearing this gloss include a desire to horde sweatshirts, the urge to Pinterest Halloween costume ideas, and a sudden-onset, insatiable craving for cinnamon.

Clinique Black Honey Lip Gloss
Clinique Pop Plush Creamy Lip Gloss in Black Honey Pop $20.00

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