10 Foods Scientifically Proven to Clear Up Your Skin

You've probably been told countless times by your wiser elders that beauty begins on the inside. And as much as we love our skincare products and corrective cosmetics, we have to admit these words of wisdom are completely true. If you're not eating right, your skin is the first to show it. If you want a clear, radiant complexion, shiny hair, and strong nails, you have to start with what you're putting into your body.

While there are many approaches to eating healthy, certain foods are guaranteed to up your beauty game. More and more research is examining the link between what we eat and how it manifests itself in our appearance. Consequently, attention has shifted away from superficial fixes in favor of more sustainable strategies that focus on starting within. So if you want to make over your exterior, you first have to make over your diet. To give you a head start on practicing the very first step of skincare, we rounded up the top things you should be eating to promote clearer skin.

Keep reading to see the 10 foods scientifically proven to clear up your skin, as well as the reasons for their beautifying effects.

What's your favorite food for ensuring a clear complexion? Let us know your go-tos in the comments!