This Former Model’s Cleanser of Choice Is Actually Just Olive Oil

Updated 05/08/17

Why is it that the skincare routines of models (and former models, like Merrel Westhoff, who now designs incredible jewellery), are so g-damn fascinating? Is it because, blessed with access to the best beauty experts, we expect them to know what's what? I think so. Personally, I'm interested in what women of all stripes use to take care of their skin, but industry insiders always have an extra edge. Often, model recommendations are pleasingly natural, and can be a little out of the box. For instance, according to a new interview and shoot with The File, Westhoff's cleanser of choice is actually just olive oil.

Turns out, she also rates Caudalie's cult French face mist. (I'm starting to think models must get it in some sort of starter pack—super Karlie Kloss is all about it.)

Ahead you'll find more Westhoff-approved beauty products, including the no-makeup makeup cheek tint she can't stop wearing, and her personal recipe for effortless voluminous hair. iPhone Notes at the ready?

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Jennifer Kunes for The File

On Natural Skincare:

"I use the Doctor Organic olive oil on my face, and the face wash. It gives me really nice soft, oily, nourished skin. For my day cream, I always use Skin Food ($22) by Weleda. I like it because it’s got a really rich texture. And it’s organic. At some point, a friend of mine—who’s really into organic skincare—told me, "why should we use something on the face we cannot eat?" And it’s so true, it’s your biggest organ, why would you massage chemicals into it?"

Jennifer Kunes for The File

On Her Favourite French Face Mist:

"I use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir—it’s a spray with essential oils. You have to shake it before you use it, and it’s also 100% natural. Then you just spray it over your skin after or before the makeup. It’s just like a super-refreshing spray."

Caudalie Beauty Elixir $72
Jennifer Kunes for The File

On No-Makeup Makeup:

"I always use the Benetint from Benefit Cosmetics, with the rosewater, I love it. When I was modelling, one of the makeup artists always used it—'yeah, it’s like you’ve just come out of the fresh air'—and it’s so true. I don’t like when you see this powder lying on your face. This is just such a good little colour of the cheeks and on the lips—I really like it."

Benefit Benetint $55
Jennifer Kunes for The File

On Volumising Hair Products:

"My hair gets oily really fast, and the more product I use, the heavier it gets, and then of course the volume is gone. So the only thing I use is sea salt spray on dry hair, and some sea salt powder on the roots."

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