Clé de Peau's $130 Foundation Just Got a Skincare-Infused Makeover—So, I Tried It

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Clé de Peau

We often think of beauty brands in three “tiers:” accessible/drugstore, mid-range, and luxury. Indeed, you no doubt mentally rattled off two or three in each category before you even finished reading the previous sentence. However, one could make the argument that on the spectrum of beauty brands, some go even beyond the point of luxury—brands known for their cutting edge technology, high-end ingredients, gorgeous packaging, and price points that have you contemplating picking up a second shift (or two). Let’s call them Hyper Luxury. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn’t put Clé de Peau Beauté in the Hyper Luxury pantheon. The Japanese brand specializes in skincare—the name is French for “the key to skin’s beauty”—but it is equally well known for its base products. Famously, its beloved concealer is best known for two things: Being hugely popular with girls with gorgeous, gorgeous skin, and carrying a $75 price tag.

One such base product, the Radiant Cream Foundation ($130), just got a bit of a makeover. I got a chance to chat with the brand about the formula and the technology, and to try the product out for myself.

The Formula 

The Radiant Cream Foundation is so luxe that even its natural-finish formula has its own name: the Silky Care Formulation. 

The Silky Care Formulation combines the brand’s signature silky shield—a blend of oils designed to hydrate the skin—with its micro-wafer gel emulsion, “a gel network structure that holds both skincare ingredients and the Silky Shield Blend Oil together in an elegant formula that breaks down with the gentle pressure of application, releasing the rich skincare ingredients within,” says Jason Leong, national training executive at Clé de Peau Beauté. The result of this synergy? A “silky satin, long-lasting finish [that] improve’s skin radiance over time” as well as a smooth texture, according to Leong.

Also included in the formula are Chesnut rosa fruit extract, which Leong says helps to defend against oxidation and keep the integrity of the shade, and potentilla erecta root extract, “an ultra-silky ingredient known to lock in moisture to improve the looks of fine lines, and provide a dewy look.”  

The Technology

The Silky Care Formulation isn’t the only named quantity found in the reformulated Radiant Cream Foundation. The luxe product also utilizes Light Empowering Enhancer technology. You know that feeling when you find the absolute perfect spot for selfie lighting, the one so great you wish you could walk around all day looking exactly like you do in that place and time? Well, the Light Empowering Enhancer optical technology aims to give you just that—without having to chase the sun around all day.

“The Light Empowering Enhancer acts like your very own lighting crew, diffusing unflattering light that makes skin concerns more visible, and amplifying the flattering light that makes skin look more beautiful,” says Leong. “This combination of ingredients also includes technology that helps prevent color oxidizing, and gives hydration and pollution protection.”

The ultimate goal of the formulation, and the technology behind it, is to give the wearer a smooth, radiant base that stays looking hydrated, sans patchiness or oxidation. “The hybrid technology within this foundation helps maximize dewiness and lasting power all while creating a smooth-feeling texture to ensure your skin is continuously glowing throughout the day.”

The Review 

The author before (left) and after (right) applying the Radiant Cream Foundation.

Eden Stuart / Byrdie

I have to say—this foundation looks absolutely gorgeous upon application. It’s a true medium coverage; even just one layer might be a bit too much for those who prefer tinted moisturizers. That being said, it also feels pretty lightweight, and I found a single layer did a phenomenal job of masking my imperfections. (I’m currently experiencing one of the worst skin “phases” I’ve had in years, so trust me, that’s really saying something.) The finish is definitely radiant and dewy. However, even on my combination skin, it never looked oily in my T-Zone. Also worth noting: The fragrance with this one is strong. While I don’t mind it, and the fragrance is pleasant, I know that for many that can be a bit of a sticking point. 

The foundation claims to offer all-day wear that resists creasing and caking and looks “flawless” for 24 hours, along with minimizing the signs of aging and imperfections. I would say the creasing and caking resistance and all-day wear were very good: I did notice a teeny bit of separation towards the end of my day, but for the most part, the foundation stayed put. The minimizing aging and imperfections claim really held up. I have a lot of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation at the moment, and this product did a phenomenal job at blurring my dark spots and doing so all day, no touch-ups needed.

My bottom line? If you’re a fan of hyper luxurious makeup, this foundation is worth checking out.

Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Cream Foundation
Clé de Peau Beauté Radiant Cream Foundation $130.00

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