Claudia Schiffer Takes Us Inside Her Morning Routine

More often than not, we hear stories of models being discovered at the mall or the grocery store—mundane, unglamorous places that highlight the sheer randomness of circumstances that launch a relatively normal (if not gangly) young woman's covetable career. But it seems fitting that for Claudia Schiffer, that moment happened in a German disco. "[I was] dancing to 'You Spin Me Right Round,'" she tells Semaine in a new profile. Given her decades-long career and ageless status as one of the most iconic supermodels of all time, it's kind of poetic to consider that it was high-octane from the very beginning: Schiffer turning heads as she got down on the dance floor.

Ageless is a good word for Schiffer, and not just where it pertains to her unflagging career. At 46, she's as lovely as ever, the proverbial standard-bearer on what graceful aging looks like. It all makes perfect sense after peeping at her daily routine, which is as lighthearted and fun-loving as it is dedicated. And that, Byrdie readers, is the ultimate lesson—that self-care is as much about enjoying oneself as it is picking the right skincare formulas or knocking back lemon water.

But don't just take our word for it. See the highlights of Schiffer's daily routine below, and head to Semaine to see the full feature.