Big Changes Are Coming to ClassPass—Here's What You Need to Know


Urban Outfitters

We love ClassPass for its endless options (some that aren’t even technically exercise-related), ease of booking, and affordable access to thousands of different studios and gym classes all over the world. The idea of doing a barre class one day and literally testing the waters in an aquatic running class the next actually makes us excited to work out.

But the only caveat of the $99-per-month unlimited-class pricing structure is that while it’s a fantastic deal for those who work out several times a week, it’s still a bit steep for the folks who are interested in just trying out a few classes every month. Plus, we’re always bummed to hit the three-class monthly limit at our go-to studios. However, that’s all about to change.

As of April 14, ClassPass will include a wider menu of options for its users to choose from. For less frequent users, there will be a five-class package (ranging from $40 to $75, depending on your city), in addition to its unlimited monthly memberships. On top of that, you’ll now be able to purchase discounted individual classes once you hit those pesky monthly limits, whether you’re an unlimited user or chose the five-class package.

Changes still to come? A possible higher monthly unlimited rate, which has already been put into place in Boston. But you can rest easy knowing you’re still getting a sweet deal on the best the fitness industry has to offer.

Update: ClassPass has announced its new monthly pricing for New York. Existing members will have to pay $190 (plus tax) per month for an unlimited membership while new members will pay $200 (plus tax) per month. The city’s monthly rate was previously $125. However, as part of ClassPass’s new limited membership feature, there’s also the option of paying $75 per month for five classes and $135 for 10.

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