Why Professional Trainers Hate ClassPass

ClassPass is a godsend. It allows us to pop into FlyWheel, OrangeTheory, and that chic yoga studio down the street on a regular basis without throwing down a sizable chunk of our paycheck on a package. Yes, cost is one of the main reasons we love ClassPass ($119 per month), and you may think that’s the beef professional trainers have with it. But, no—ClassPass isn’t driving them out of business. Rather, it’s reason we love ClassPass #2 that’s causing professional trainers to have concerns: workout variety. Now, if you’re hopping from a cardio kickboxing class one day to strength training the next to yoga the following day then taking a rest and doing a circuit training class the next day, carry on.

We chat with trainers regularly, however, and a few of them have expressed some concern that not all ClassPass users are taking advantage of the workout variety offered, at least not to the capacity they would want you to. During a session with trainer Mike Alexander, Alexander mentioned a common theme he’s seeing: women taking one high-intensity bootcamp class after the next. When you're working with a professional they're able to tailor a workout schedule designed specifically for your needs, one designed to help you avoid injury. But that's not to say you need to work with a professional to get results. Just know the way to see results isn't all intense workout after intense workout. Variety is key. Rest is key. You need to challenge your muscles in different ways and give those muscles periods of rest. The pros will tell you change actually happens during recovery when your muscles are repairing themselves. Seven spin classes a week isn't the kind of variety that'll get you there. So, ClassPass users, take this advice: Take advantage of the incredible variety the app has to offer and take rests, too. 

Do you use ClassPass? Want to know exactly how a professional trainer would use ClassPass? Stay tuned that's coming next week!