Grandma Chic: The New Fragrance Trend You Need to Get In On


Isabella Behravan

Few of us want our signature scent to smell just like our grandmothers' (we all love the ladies, of course; we just don't always want to smell like them). That said, perfumers have started tapping into a side of the classic "old lady" scent, which, bear with me, is actually quite youthful and modern

But what exactly do we mean when we say "grandma chic?" We're talking leathery fragrances inspired by vintage photographs; unique, feminine fragrances modeled after the smell of lipstick; and spicy twists on classic notes like rose and amber.

Nearly every one of our favorite perfume brands has concocted a scent in this category recently, so we figure it can't be a coincidence. And trust us when we say these scents are shockingly hypnotizing. 

Curious about this unique new fragrance trend? Keep reading to check out our 11 favorite scents!

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