Are You Using ClassPass's Secret Feature?


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ClassPass, for the unschooled (or workout-averse), is a genius app that’s basically the Netflix of workouts. For a monthly fee of $99, you have access to hundreds of local fitness classes right at your fingertips—no commitment required (in fact, a wandering eye is encouraged, since you can only go to the same class twice in a month). Having recently downloaded it, I can attest to the fact that it will encourage you to work out—there’s something thrilling about having access to everything from aerial yoga to supermodel-approved boxing workouts. It’s like scrolling through Postmates, except, you know, the opposite.

Which is why I was surprised, thrilled, and delighted to find out that there’s another secret benefit to ClassPass—one that appeals to my lazier side and one that most people don’t take advantage of. As I chomped down on a grain bowl during lunch with someone from ClassPass’s PR team, she casually mentioned how she had just used the app to get a massage. What?! You can get free massages on ClassPass? I choked on the particularly large bite of brown rice I had just taken and begged her to explain herself immediately.

Apparently, there are things called restorative classes that you can take advantage of on ClassPass. So, nestled in among the cycling, Pilates, yoga, boot camp, and dance classes are a different set of classes that are used to “adequately prepare your body for upcoming exercise, as well as restore your body after rigorous workouts,” the PR spokesperon says. “Restorative classes provide the perfect complement to the traditional exercise classes, bringing physical and mental relief to hardworking bodies through recovery tactics such as sports massage, stretching, aromatherapy, meditation and foam rolling.”

If any of the above sound intriguing to you (which they should, if you are a human who likes R&R), here’s how to search for them. The PR spokesperson says that the best way to filter and find these classes is to use specific keywords within the “Studios” search bar where users can “Find a Studio.” Depending on the specific restorative class you’re looking for, you can search terms like massage, restore, and yoga to see what studios offer these in your area. “The more restorative classes you attend, the more classes will appear in your ClassPass profile to try and attend,” she says. If you want suggestions, check ClassPass’s website, The Warm Up, which frequently features cool restorative classes available to app users. 

Want a little taste of all the cool and Zen-inducing classes you’ve been missing? Here you go:

• Restorative Yoga at Yoga Treat in Los Angeles
• Restorative Aromatherapy at Naam Yoga in New York City
• NormaTec at Great Earth Sports Performance in Los Angeles
• Foam Roller Fitness at Mark's Foam Roller Fitness & Strength Training in Dallas
• Restore at One Down Dog in Los Angeles
• Restoratives & Breath Awareness at Goorus Yoga in Los Angeles
• Restorative Flow at Laughing Lotus in New York City
• Yin Restorative at The Source Yoga Studio in Washington, D.C.
• AntiGravity Restorative at Studio Anya in New York City 

Speaking of restoring, we suggest sprinkling Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt ($10) in a warm bath post-workout to give your sore muscles sweet, sweet relief.

Have you tried any of ClassPass’s restorative classes? Tell me your favorites below!