This Revolutionary Skin Gadget Can Now Do Wonders For Your Hair

Updated 04/26/19

When Clarisonic launched, it revolutionised the way we saw skincare. Suddenly, a high-quality treatment could be done at home. The soft bristles of the Clarisonic exfoliate away six times more makeup than normal cleansing and it yields incredible results—just ask nearly any beauty editor. 

So when we heard that this method was set to be used on scalps, well, to say we got pretty excited is an understatement. As part of a collaboration with haircare specialists Kérastase, the new scalp treatment promises to rid you off all your scalp-related problems.

The in-salon therapy is called the Spécifique Purification System and is powered by the same sonic technology as Clarisonic. So, expect to get rid of all those scalp problems caused by hard water, product build-up and environmental urban pollution. Sounds incredible, no?

Keep scrolling to find out more and where you can experience the treatment.


Available at the Kérastase scalp specialist salon, Richard Ward, and salons nationwide in September (which costs £85), this is the first-ever service to use Clarisonic's technology to improve the efficacy of scalp cleansing.

But why does that matter, and what can it do for you? Well, particularly for those of us who live in big cities, every day our hair and scalp are exposed to environmental aggressors. From airborne pollution, dirt, as well as water impurities, our hair is coated and clogged up, resulting in weak, lifeless hair. Our strands can end up feeling coarse and brittle, and the scalp can also become itchy

For use in salons and on hair, the Clarisonic professional brush has been specifically developed for scalp cleansing, allowing pore-by-pore detoxification and microcirculation activation. If that sounds as dreamy to you as it does to us, you can book your appointment at

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