Could This Be One of the Greatest Serums Ever Made?

In the world of beauty, it's all too easy to be swayed by fancy new brands with trendy packaging and a ridiculous Instagram following. However, every now and then, you're reminded of a cult classic that makes the case for not always vying for the latest and greatest. Case in point? Clarins Double Serum ($89).

It's been around for decades, and while flashy new vials are popping up all over the internet, it's a formula that so many women still remain true to. And we'll tell you why.

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Clarins Double Serum review
Clarins Double Serum $89

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Having first launched in 1985, the serum may not be the newest, but it's played a very clever game when it comes to keeping up with technological advances. It's not one to rest on its laurels. In fact, Clarins has continued to find ways to make this popular formula even better by reformulating it seven times since its inception. Unlike other tweaked products that look barely recognisable up against the original, the newer versions always had that same glow-giving effect, just with a little something extra to ensure the product worked harder than ever before.

And naturally, this eighth-generation serum is the most souped-up version yet. It may market itself as an "age-control" serum, but we'd tout it as simply a great all-rounder, whatever your skin concern.

Inside lies 20 plant-sourced actives to help skin cells on their way to performing five basic functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and generation. You don't need to know every last ingredient, but the key players include quinoa, tree of life and marsh samphire to up moisture levels, as well as Edelweiss and ginger lily to neutralise the effects of those pesky free radicals.

With this eighth-gen formula came a new, rather buzzy ingredient too: turmeric. It's an ingredient that the brand identified in its research on cell communication, finding it can help the skin cells work with each other to fulfil those aforementioned functions.

Double Serum is so popular that it has garnered itself somewhat of a cult following, and you can now find over 3000 posts tagged #ClarinsDoubleSerum with users singing the virtues of this decadent formula.

Emma Spedding, deputy editor of Who What Wear UK, is a massive fan herself. "It feels rich and luxurious, but weirdly, it doesn't seem to just sit on the skin like so many serums can. It really sinks in, doesn't peel off and I had no trouble layering it with my other skincare products. I never finish a whole product, but I always do with this one because I just want to keep applying it," she says.

Convinced to give this iconic product another go? We don't blame you.

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