This '90s Fragrance Has Over 1000 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Kate Moss during the '90s


In the '90s, the worlds of fashion and beauty were turned upside down. Instead of the amped-up glamour of the '80s, it was all about a minimalist and grungy aesthetic. And with every new era comes a new icon. For the '90s, that came in the form of Kate Moss. Natural, undone beauties were everywhere, from the aforementioned Moss to Courtney Love. Fashion was all about slip dresses, plaid shirts and monochromatic wardrobes. But the unisex idea wasn't just adopted by the fashion industry: The beauty industry also embraced it, and nothing represented that better then the creation of CK One.

When the perfume launched in 1994, it had Moss fronting the campaign. For those who are old enough to remember, the TV advert was shot in black and white, featuring various gorgeous young men and women. It became a phenomenon, in part thanks to its pioneering unisex campaign, with annual sales reaching £70 million during the middle of the decade. It turns out, however, that there's a whole host of people who still love the stuff, based on all the favorable reviews that just keep cropping up on Amazon. Keep scrolling to find out why we think it's got everlasting power, read some reviews and shop the fragrance.

CK One review: Calvin Klein CK One
Calvin Klein CK One $65

So what is it about the now-iconic scent that made it so, well, iconic? True, it wasn't the first-ever unisex scent (apparently that was Muelhens 4711, $14), but designer Calvin Klein managed to make it fashionable by tapping into the zeitgeist as well as making it neither too girly or too masculine. The citrusy scent with top notes of bergamot and fresh pineapple was as attractive to men as it was to women.

The love for the cult scent still rumbles on. Amazon alone has over 1000 five-star reviews, with happy customers writing "had this as a teenager and 20 years on I still love it," "my favourite perfume of all time" and "great nostalgia and still a great smell." Perhaps it might be time to embrace one of our favourite '90s scents again? Watch the video of the classic ad to get you in the mood.

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