Study Shows Grapefruits Are Nature’s Anti-Anxiety Medication

Here at Byrdie, we’re all about natural remedies. When those natural remedies pertain to stress, anxiety, and fatigue, we’re doubly on board. Which is why we’re now stocking our kitchens, bathrooms, and desk drawers with citrus fruits (and citrus fruit–scented accoutrements). A recent study investigated the effects the fragrance of yuzu (a super-tart Japanese citrus fruit similar to grapefruit) has on mood. Participants who spent as little as 10 minutes smelling the fruit saw a significant decrease in their “mood disturbance”—a global measure that accounts for several emotion states, including anxiety, depression, anger, and even confusion. When the inhalation period increased to 30 minutes, the effects were even stronger. The researchers concluded that yuzu’s aromatic effects can alleviate negative emotional stress.

So next time you get a distressing email, don’t panic—apply a fresh layer of Nest’s Grapefruit Hand Lotion ($24), and take a moment to enjoy the uplifting fragrance. Better yet, start and/or end your day with Origins’ Gloomaway Grapefruit Bath Bar ($15)—it announces its mood-elevating abilities right in the name.

What do you do to relieve stress? Will you try the grapefruit trick? Tell us in the comments below!