Cindy Crawford Shows Us Her Genius Brow Pencil Hack

Ever since Cindy Crawford stepped on the scene in the '80s, the supermodel has remained a household name. Her 3.2 million Instagram followers indicate that she's more relevant now than ever. Crawford posts updates from her day-to-day life, but we live for her throwback posts of her most classic looks throughout her long career.

These days, Crawford is busy running her own skincare line, Meaningful Beauty, which she started developing with her dermatologist Jean-Louis Sebagh over 10 years ago.  She's also raising two kids (one of whom is basically her clone, by the way), recently celebrated her 20th wedding anniversary, and just sold her beach house for a cool $45 million. Goals? Goals. Plus, she's still modeling and constantly proving that she's still got it (as if we'd forgotten). Crawford appears on this month's cover of Harper's Bazaar Taiwan, and we're totally here for it. 

As if that weren't enough, the woman also hasn't aged. Seriously, can you spot one wrinkle? We can't. So naturally, we had to find out how she does it. Luckily for us, she was happy to share five of her must-have beauty products. From a game-changing serum to her hair care essential to a clever brow hack, Crawford gave us the inside scoop on how she manages to look flawless all the damn time. For all the deets on five of her favorite products, check out the full video below.  

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