Now You Can Eat Exactly Like Cindy Crawford

Arguably the worst part about cleansing is the whole not-eating-any-real-food-for-days part. Which is why the launch of Cindy Crawford's grab-and-go clean eating program has us so excited. The healthy eating plan is a cleanse of sorts, minus the part where you only drink juice and can't have caffeine or anything that requires chewing. 

In conjunction with healthy eating company Urban Remedy, Crawford created a ready-to-eat meal program, called Cindy Crawford's Essentials, which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for three days (or longer, if you space the meals out as the plan gives you the option to do). All of the food is certified organic and the meals sound pretty incredible, from mint cacao shakes to zucchini pasta with marinara and hemp seed pesto. 

The programs costs $225 with caffeine (it comes with a cold-brewed coffee and almond milk concotion), or $203 without caffeine (which comes with herbal tea instead). 

To read more about Crawford's Essentials, head over to Elle for her interview about concept behind the program, and then tell us below: What do you think about Crawford's clean eating program? Would you try it? Sound off in the comments!

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