The Hair Tip Cindy Crawford Wishes She’d Known When She Was Younger

Plus, all her favorites from Meaningful Beauty.

Cindy Crawford


There are plenty of ways to describe Cindy Crawford: fashion icon, model-slash-mogul, beauty legend... the list goes on. With hundreds of magazine covers, campaigns, and runway shows under her belt, she knows a thing or two about beauty—and undoubtedly has a hoard of industry secrets to share.

But, what’s most inspiring about Crawford is her career longevity. She's created and sustained brilliant business ventures over the years. From writing a book and starting her skincare brand, Meaningful Beauty, to raising two children, Kaia and Presley, she's constantly evolving as a multi-hyphenate powerhouse. Without a doubt, Crawford helped pave the way for models coming up today, showing everyone you can have more than just one passion in life.

To celebrate the launch of Meaningful Beauty's hair care line, Crawford chatted with Byrdie about the best beauty advice she’s learned from the pros, skincare products she swears by, and more.

Cindy Crawford


The One Thing She Learned from the Pros

“I’ve learned so many amazing hair and makeup tips from the pros, but many of them do not translate to real life. The few that I’ve passed along to girlfriends are the ones that are good for everyone: make sure your foundation matches your skin and is well-blended, comb through your eyelashes so your eyelashes don’t look clumpy, and don’t over-tweeze your eyebrows when you are young (they might not grow back). But, the most important one to me is you don’t let your makeup wear you. The best compliment isn’t, “your makeup looks great.”  I think it’s, “you look great!”

 The One Makeup Product She Always Has On Hand 

“Who can pick just one?  Essentials are a little coverup stick (like the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30) in Ginger), a dewy color that works on cheeks, eyelids, and lips (like the Jones Road Miracle Balm ($38) in Tawny), and mascara (like the Heroine Make Volume and Curl Mascara, $17).”

Jones Road Balm
Jones Road Miracle Balm $38.00

The One Thing About Hair She Wishes She'd Known Earlier

“My hair is so much a part of me. As I got older, I started noticing a change in the texture and volume. I knew my skin would age and that I would get gray hairs, but it never dawned on me that my hair is actually aging, too, and needs to be treated differently. That’s why I worked with my team at Meaningful Beauty to develop our new Age-Proof Hair Care System to address six signs of aging hair. Our Restorative Scalp Treatment ($45) has become a part of my daily routine.”

Meaningful Beauty scalp treatement
Meaningful Beauty Restorative Scalp Treatment $45.00

The One Thing That Keeps Her Grounded

"My family keeps me grounded.  I also love spending time walking on the beach or any place being in nature."

Cindy Crawford


The One Thing She Always Does Before Bed

“I will use the Flexitol Heel Balm ($9) on my heels if they are looking a bit dry. Then I hop in bed with a good book.

The One Thing She's Most Proud Of

“I used to say being valedictorian of my high school, but after giving birth at home to both my children, I’d have to say that wins!”

Cindy Crawford


The One Skincare Product She Swears By

“Meaningful Beauty's Anti-Aging Day Crème ($65). I love knowing that I’m protecting my face—not only from environmental factors like the sun—but also from blue light damage from all of our screens and devices. It also has a light texture that works great under makeup.”

Meaningful Beauty creme
Meaningful Beauty Anti-Aging Day Crème $65.00

The One Thing She Does to Start Her Day

“I begin almost every day by taking a dip in the jacuzzi outside. It really helps me start my day with gratitude and feeling connected to nature. I also was able to develop a more consistent meditation practice during the past year.  My favorite time to meditate is midafternoon. I love just quieting my mind and also taking time to do a little reset midday—especially if we have anything going on that evening.”

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