Ciara Shows Us How to Wear the Soft Wolf Cut

Plus a brand-new platinum color.



Even 18 years after her hit, “1, 2 Step,” was released, Ciara still keeps her beauty and fashion ensembles supersonic, hypnotic, and funky fresh. Was that too much? Maybe, but my cheesy reference rings true—the star recently debuted her on-trend hairstyle, a platinum blonde wolf cut, at a Giambattista Valli party in Los Angeles.

The singer wore a white Giambattista Valli dress with a button-front neckline, high shoulders, and a bow cinching her waist. She paired the dress with a gold necklace and slouchy stiletto boots in a dazzling bronze color. Of course, a look isn’t complete without some glam—but Ciara kept her makeup simple with a winged liner and bronzy complexion to emphasize her standout hair.

Ciara finished the look with a wolf cut with overgrown bangs that reach below her brows and blend into the rest of her icy blonde hair. Her piece-y layers and dark roots add a lived-in softness that juxtaposed her otherwise glamorous outfit.

"[The wolf cut] basically blends two iconic, defining periods in music, style, and pop culture—the '70s and '80s—and gets morphed into a more modern-day look," pro hairstylist Philip B. previously told Byrdie. "The wolf cut is a hybrid of the shag and soft mullet, creating a current take on the look of rock stars like Rod Stewart, Patti Smith, Kiss, and Joan Jett." Basically, it’s a haircut that can make you think, am I cool enough to wear this? (The answer is yes.)

Ciara’s wolf cut is a little different, with her layers beginning right around her jawline and ending just below her collarbone. What makes Ciara’s wolf cut so amazing is its accessibility—her cut still adheres to the trendy hairstyle, while sticking to a longer length that makes it easier to wear with a classic day-to-day ensemble. Her cut proves that you don’t have to be an edgy downtown girl to rock a shaggy style.

Luckily, you won’t have to stick to Ciara’s perfectly blown-out look to achieve this style. Celebrity hairstylist, Bennett Grey previously revealed to Byrdie that curly hair types thrive with this haircut, since its layers minimize bulk and heaviness, leaving the hair with a lightweight bounce while adding volume at the roots and dimension all throughout the hair.

No matter which way you wear it, you're going to want to bring Ciara's cut as inspo to your next appointment.

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