Exclusive: How to Get the “Winter Blues” Hair Trend at Home, According to Ciara’s Hairstylists

Spotted on Lady Gaga, Saweetie, and more.


Ciara/ Designed by Cristina Cianci

Are you feeling the winter blues? Not Seasonal Affective Disorder (although we have a guide for that too)—we're talking about the blue hair trend that you probably already have bookmarked on Instagram. According to celebrity hairstylist César DeLeön Ramîrez, this is one trend that actually has the ability to lighten the mood of those seeking a pick-me-up during this especially stressful winter.

Ramîrez is one-half of the team responsible for Ciara's recent blue hair transformation (executed with some wig magic). After scrolling through our social media timelines though, we noticed a myriad of celebrities have found a form of solace in blue hair, and the reasoning makes total sense. "Classic Blue was the Pantone color of the year," Ramîrez tells Byrdie. "And honestly, after months of social distancing, why not have fun with our hair?"

Eager to learn more about the hue that we are officially dubbing "winter blue," we looked to some of our favorite celebrities as our blue-haired muses and got tips and tricks to achieving the color from the experts themselves. 

The Trendsetters

Winter blue hair has been spotted on several celebrities, including Lady Gaga who rocked loose icy-blue curls for her HAUS Laboratories holiday campaign.

As the leader of the Icy Grls, Saweetie kept true to her iced out persona with this color achieved by hairstylist Jared "JStayReady" Henderson. "This was definitely one of my favorite looks we’ve done this year," Henderson tells us of the rapper's smurf-tastic wig. "We actually did this look a few days after we shot her 'Back to The Streets' music video, in which she also rocked a blue wig. I was obsessed with how amazing it turned out because Saweetie looks so good in blue tones."

Ciara got our attention when she posted this video dancing to the body-positive anthem by Megan Thee Stallion, who also flaunted the trend back in August.

"The inspiration behind Ciara’s blue hair was meant to be a gender reveal for her son, Win. It ended up becoming her favorite color this year," Ramîrez divulges about the viral hairstyle. "She’s constantly looking to reinvent herself, and blue hair is perfect for this moment in her life."

Get the Look

If you're wondering if you can go winter blue just in time for the New Year, the answer is yes. We spoke to the aforementioned César DeLeön Ramîrez and Kiyah Wright to find out what it took to create Ciara’s iconic blue hair. Both hairstylists served as the masterminds behind the look and offered us some pretty solid advice. Follow along carefully, and you too can be blue in the best way by 2021...

Here’s Ramîrez and Wright’s guide to acing winter blue hair: 

Step 1: While Wright believes that the hue can work for anyone, she highly suggests looking for a blue that suits your undertones. "It's really about finding that shade of blue that works for you. You want to make sure it matches your skin tone. Look to brands like Wella Color Touch Instamatic or Adore. They have a range of blues, from turquoise to sapphire. You’ll probably have to run the color through your hair twice to achieve the exact shade you want."

Adore Sapphire Blue
Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor #174 Sapphire Blue $7

Step 2: Both hairstylists believe that starting with a blonde base will yield the best results. "Pre-bleaching the hair is necessary, so I highly suggest visiting a professional," Ramîrez cautions those interested in testing out the color on their own hair.

Hair bleaching should be done by a professional for the best results. To avoid any mishaps, visit your local salon. 

"If you want the hair to have a warmer turquoise tone, aim for a yellowish blonde. To achieve a true blue or cool turquoise tone, choose a platinum icy-blonde color as the perfect base," Wright explains.

It's important to note again here, that Ciara is wearing a wig so you can choose that route as well. Browse the aisles at your local beauty supply store or Amazon for a wig made with real human hair (synthetic fibers won't work for this) if bleaching and dying your own hair is not a commitment you're ready for yet.

Step 3: The duo cautions anyone looking to achieve the winter blue hair to use color-safe shampoos that aren’t too harsh on color-treated hair. 

"Avoid heavy or harsh shampoos. I used a lot of products that were hydrating to blonde hair, which helped Ciara’s tresses appear shiny," Wright shares.

Ramîrez adds, "I suggest Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo ($23) to maintain the color and health of the hair. Also when using hot tools, use a heat protecting spray like PM Neuro Style Protect ($23) because heat will cause the color to fade."

Paul Mitchell Protein Shampoo
Paul Mitchell Protein Shampoo $23

Step 4: The team also uses a very special trick to help the color stay fresh and last a little longer than usual. "I mix a little of the color with the shampoo and the conditioner because it helps keep the hue more vibrant," Wright shared.

Step 5: Lastly, Wright highly recommends to avoid wearing anything white with colored hair. "Make sure that you don’t use a white pillowcase or wear white clothing because color has the tendency to bleed." So, in other words, don't pair your winter blue hair with a winter white outfit.

Expert Tips for At-Home Hair Color 

Although Ramîrez advises staying clear of the DIY project, if you’re feeling a little daring, Wright lends these tips to help you color your hair safely

  • Do wear gloves: Coloring can be messy and to avoid staining your hands you should wear protective gloves.
  • Don’t color your hair in an area that you care about: We repeat, coloring can be messy. Find an area you don’t mind getting dirty because dye tends to splash and stain walls.

Yes, it may be messy to achieve but oh so worth it. According to Wright, there is also the benefit of versatility in your everyday styles. "It is not too pungent and can be dressed up or down," Wright explains. "For those that love blonde, but want to step out of their comfort zone, blue hair might be for you."

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