Exclusive: Ciara Tells Us Her #1 Dieting Secret



I don't know about you, but when I hear the name Ciara, "Goodies" immediately starts playing in my head (then, of course, keeps replaying all day long). So you can imagine the internal chuckle I had when the singer/songwriter/dancer/model (okay, Wonder Woman) told me recently that she was excited to receive a box of "goodies" from Revlon, of which she is now the brand ambassador.

It's quite a fitting role for the newlywed (um, how cute are she and Russell Wilson?) given that she's incredibly stunning, not to mention kind-hearted. At various times throughout our chat, she stopped my many compliments to say "thank you so much," once even saying "I'm so sorry" when she misheard a question. She's a class act. Revlon, you picked a good one.

So on top of wanting to hear what her favorite Revlon "goodies" are, I also needed to know a slew of other things about Ciara—namely, how she maintains that incredible body. To discover all of these answers and so much more, keep scrolling.

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