Wellness Junkies: Chromotherapy Is the Newest Way to Boost Your Mood Fast

Chromotherapy is an age-old alternative wellness practice that connects specific colors to different moods and energies, which are otherwise known as chakras (we’ve got a beginner’s guide to the seven chakras, if you’re looking). This “color therapy” rests on the belief that each chakra is located in a specific part of the body, and thus affects the organs and biological systems found there. By exposing yourself to different colors, you can balance yourself out, whether that’s physically, emotionally, or mentally. (Or maybe a combination of all three.)

According to Brit + Co, a new company called Rainbow Optx is spreading chromotherapy awareness and accessibility in a simple, chic way—by producing a variety of colored-lens sunnies that we already know and love. Apparently, boosting your mood is as easy as tossing on a pair of rose (or yellow, or indigo…) colored glasses. Keep reading to learn more about chromotherapy and how these colored lenses can both balance and boost your mood!

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