15 Chrome Star Nail Ideas to Put a Celestial Spin on Your Manicure

Pale pink manicure with chrome star nail designs


A star is born! They always say to shoot for the stars, and in a world where chrome nails are having a major moment, what better than to combine the two and take both aesthetics to new heights? Chrome star nails have an ethereal, endlessly cool vibe, and while they do feel particularly timely, we also see some major staying power here as celestial and astrological themes never truly go out of style.

Chrome star nails have just enough sparkle to make your tips feel like they’re part of the night sky, so they're sure to spark joy as your next mani. Need a few ideas? Keep reading for 15 of our favorite chrome star manicures, all of which are more than possible for you or a nail tech to transform from wishes into reality.

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Night Light

Deep green manicure with gold chrome star design


A deep green sets the stage for the most alluring night sky. Add chrome stars in gold, both with extensive rays and in petite dot form, and you’ll practically have a planetarium on your tips. Opt for gold jewelry to make the design pop even more.

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Lunar Eclipse

Sheer pink manicure with gold star and moon charms


A simple sheer pink base really lets the gold moon and stars on this mani stand out. Pick a polish with a hint of shimmer for a magical effect.

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Luscious Lavender

Lavender cloudy manicure with gems and white star ray details


Let lavender light up your tips. The subtle touch of white adds perfectly fluffy clouds to the sky, while rhinestones make those stars sparkle.

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Butterfly Babe

Chrome velvet nails with butterfly, star, and moon designs


These tips are sure to steal all the attention. Chrome stars and moons meet butterflies on a velvety gold background, so there’s never a dull moment with this more-is-more design.

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Goodnight Moon

Manicure with shimmery blue tips and gold chrome star and moon designs


Give your digits their own time zone. It’ll always be midnight on your nails with this sleek after-dark design, which keeps the color and gold chrome stars to just the tips to make it look like you dipped your fingers into the night sky.

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Diamonds in the Sky

Pale pink shimmer manicure with chrome star and moon designs


If you've had Rihanna's greatest hits on replay ever since her Super Bowl performance, shine bright like a diamond with celestial charms set against a shimmery pastel background. Best of all, you only need nail stickers and a pale pink polish to DIY the look.

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Black as Night

Long square-shaped black ombre manicure with gold star and moon decals


Wonderfully witchy, this mani gets in the spirit with a pitch black ombré base and gold chrome stars. The glossy topcoat balances the darkness with maximum shine.

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Think Pink

Multicolored pink French manicure with chrome star nail art


Pops of pink put a sweet spin on the chrome stars motif. You can paint each tip in a different shade of pink for a French mani twist, then add matching gems to the star designs for a burst of color.

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Sparkle and Shine

Pink chrome nails with gold star and moon designs


Ace your base by coating your nails in OPI’s Bubble Bath ($11), the same shade used by nail artist Phoebe Summer for this look. Then, draw on golden stars and top with a chrome powder for an iridescent, glazed donut finish.

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Black Magic

Black French manicure with iridescent chrome base and moon and star nail designs


Glimmering and gorgeous, the softness of the opalescent base here is juxtaposed with a black French mani. Chrome stars and a black moon make for a stunning, defined finish.

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North Star

Pale pink manicure with chrome star nail designs


You’ll always know the way to chic nails with this delicate design. The gold bling at the center of certain stars delivers a 3D touch for even more oomph.

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Ombré Away

Pastel pink-to-blue ombre manicure with gold star, moon, and dot decals


Pastels get extra pretty when they blend from pink to blue for a gorgeous ombré effect, topped with golden chrome stars, moons, and dots.

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Awesome Astrology

Clear manicure with gold star, moon, and planet decals


When it’s all about the stars, it’s the perfect opportunity to include your astrological sign within your mani galaxy. It's a subtle yet conversation-starting way to personalize any chrome star nail design.

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Half Moons

Shimmery blue manicure with negative space half-moons and chrome star nail designs


Negative space half-moons means this design will grow out subtly so you can rock it for as long as you'd like. And with a mani this chic, you just may want to wear it forever.

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Acid Wash

Neon yellow-green French manicure with multicolored star and gem details


Give a French manicure a twist by painting the tips an acid yellow-green and adding chrome stars in contrasting colors, plus rhinestones for extra texture.

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