Thought Chrome Nails Were Over? Here Are 7 Manis That Prove Otherwise

Updated 04/04/18

We're creatures of habit; whether you're a strictly neutral Ballet Slippers fan or you have a soft spot for deep burgundy shades, we all tend to stick to the same spectrum of nail colours. It not only reduces the time spent staring into the abyss of shades on the wall of the nail salon, but it also guarantees that you don't leave your appointment with post-mani regret.

But that was the old you, and that was before you used chrome nails to pull you out of your nail colour comfort zone. Despite what you might have thought, the liquid metal trend that made its Insta-debut with captivating slow-motion videos of shiny powder applications is still going strong. Chrome nails are like the sassy older sister of glitter polish. It's a look that's even worthy of trying to manipulate your hand elegantly around a bottle of polish for the perfect Insta grid shot.

If you need more convincing, here are seven mirror-shine chrome nail looks that will break your nail rut whether you're painting your nails at home or heading to the salon.

chrome nails: woman with green metallic nails

If you're not into gold, silver or copper tones, then take a cue from Cividini's spring/summer 18 look and opt for an unexpected bottle green shade. The metallic finish makes it look less moss-like and more jewel-toned, and you'll also get extra bonus points for matching it to your eyeliner.

chrome nails: woman with silver french manicure

Getting a classic french tip by way of a packet of stick-on nails or a salon trip with your mum was a coming-of-age ritual for all teen girls in the early 2000s. If you're feeling nostalgic, Sachin & Babi has shown how you can reinvent the classic. Swipe on a coat of Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Doe My Dear (£19) before adding silver tips. 

chrome nails: woman with half moon silver manicure

Make like Francesca Liberatore and tick off two looks in one with a vintage-inspired half-moon manicure. The gold modernises it, and although it looks tricky, if you make a packet of Paper Hole Re-Inforcers (£4) your best friend, it's easily done.

chrome nails: woman with rose gold nails

If you're taking a risk with a new look, you might as well go all the way. The manicures at Tadashi Shoji will save you having to look for a pair of statement earrings to accessorise with, as all eyes will be firmly fixed on these rose-gold nails.

chrome nails: woman with silver nails

As much as we try to fight it, it's hard to resist the allure of sequins. Especially when they're paired with a heavy dose of silver polish like they were at Naeem Khan. You won't even have to faff around with chrome powders, as Nails Inc. has your back with its Easy Chrome Steely Stare Nail Polish (£15).

chrome nails: woman with short silver nails

If you're a "two swipes of solid colour" die-hard and can't be persuaded by nail art, then this sophisticated look will be your new go-to. At Oscar de la Renta, the manicures made the case for gold being the new red when it comes to a classic finish. Also, let's just take a second to appreciate how good chrome looks on short nails.

chrome nails: woman with sharp silver nails

The manicures at Nicholas K had a touch of '90s glam to them with a two-tone take on chrome nails. If you have trouble nailing those sharp lines, then Leighton Denny has come up with the nail equivalent of Tipp-Ex with its Precision Corrector Fluid (£10).

So if you're ready to take your manicure game to the next level, try one of these before you head back to your signature shade.

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