12 Chrome French Manicures That Make the Classic Nail Look Shine Brighter

Chrome French manicure with shimmering silver ombre tips


The French manicure is a classic for a reason: Its simple neutral base with a thin (or thick) white tip creates a minimalist chic look suitable for any occasion. The basic concept is also the perfect canvas for switching up according to trends and your personal style. Lately, we've been into how chrome nails—a.k.a. the current trend of manis with a shimmery, subtly metallic finish—can refresh your go-to French. Keep reading for 12 chrome French nail art ideas that offer a take on the popular style for every occasion.

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Gilded Tips

French manicure with gold chrome tips and dot details


Spring into your personal golden age with these stunning foil chrome French tips. The additional dot detail on two accent nails provides a graphic take on an old favorite.

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Mermaid Chrome French

Lavender manicure with rainbow chrome French tips


If swim-up bars are in your near future (or you wish they were), these mermaid-inspired chrome French tips will complete your look. The iridescent rainbow tips show off the best in any base color you desire, so you can go for lavender this time and aquamarine next time, with each one looking better than the last.

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Gold Chrome Ombré

Manicure with gold glitter ombre tips and rhinestones


If you're a fan of ombré and/or gold is your metallic of choice, you can get the chrome French manicure look without compromising your taste. Adding the gold tips and rhinestone detail, even on short nails, keeps this look versatile and intriguing.

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Graphic Crossing

Clear manicure with silver chrome criss-cross design


Shake up the traditional French manicure look by adding a graphic twist. From the silvery hue to the criss-cross design, these nails are a creative take on a chrome French nail design.

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Dotted Golden Chrome French

Manicure with 3D golden chrome dotted baby French tips


Bring chrome to your baby French mani with a row of tiny golden dots. The unique, slightly 3D look creates visual intrigue, while the thin design and neutral base keep the overall look subtle.

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Chrome Base

Chrome manicure with white French tips


When it comes to chrome French nails, your options are infinite. This one inverts the concept with a silvery chrome base and classic white tips. Play around with different color combos to get a metallic look all season long.

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Glitter Drip

Manicure with chrome French tips and scattered glitter


Why stop at a chrome accent on your French tips? Add glitter and rhinestones to elevate your metallic nail design to the high heavens. These touches of bling are sure to have everyone doing double-takes, yet the French mani design also keeps it subtle enough to wear whenever you want.

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Pearlescent Chrome

This take on chrome French nail art is out of this world and effortlessly chic. Adding a graphic line to the monochromatic pearlescent look gives you a twist on the French illusion manicure that's perfect for 2023.

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Chrome Shimmer Tips

French manicure with shimmering silver chrome tips


When it comes to a chrome French manicure, you can't go wrong with some classic silver shimmer. If you look closely, a sheer layer of sparkles extends slightly beyond the tip for a subtle ombré effect.

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Classic Chrome Finish

If you're partial to a classic French manicure (and who isn't from time to time?), this is a subtly chic way to bring it into the chrome age. Adding a shimmering finish on top with chrome powder or eyeshadow lets you keep the original design's unmistakable look while staying on trend.

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Flaming Chrome

The fire emoji is the best way to describe these chrome French tips. By changing the shape of the classic design to silver flames, you’ll be more than ready for a hot girl summer.

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Dark Chrome French

French manicure with shimmering pink base and charcoal chrome tips


Are you someone who typically gravitates toward a darker mani but wants to get in on strawberry-glazed donut nails? This design gives you the best of both worlds, with charcoal chrome French tips contrasting against a pearlescent pink base.

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