These Christmas Makeup Looks Are a Present in and of Themselves

Quick: Imagine the quintessential Christmas makeup look. Got it? What did you see? Holly-berry lips? Copious amounts of glitter? If you type the query into Pinterest, it's a sea of crimson and sparkle. But that's the trouble with quintessential. It's entirely too predictable, and you deserve to stand out from the pack, especially considering the sheer volume of holiday parties happening around the globe.

Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes agrees that Christmas makeup tends to get a bit repetitive and appreciates a shift away from the norm. She elaborates, "If a brand came to me and was like, 'Hey, can you create a makeup look for the holidays?' my brain would instantly go to red lip, glitter, because that's kind of what holiday pushes out to you. [But] the new holiday Tom Ford set is actually more fall tones and a lip balm. There wasn't a red lipstick in sight, which is actually quite refreshing." Speaking of refreshing, Hughes put together a bunch of holiday-ready looks that are far from your typical red-lip-and-shimmery-eye, with a breakdown of how to achieve each.