10 Things Italian Girls Are Asking For This Holiday Season

When it comes to international beauty products, Korean and French women are often the ones who get the most attention, but Italians have a unique perspective on beauty, too. I've been fortunate enough to spend a good deal of time in Italy. I lived in a small northeastern Italian mountain town for the whole month of January 2018, and it was just as magical as it sounds. While there, I made dozens of Italian friends and was exposed to all their cool beauty and style habits, like how they always do a super-sultry smoky eye on nights out and how everyone (literally everyone) is obsessed with all things Adidas.

So naturally, when putting together holiday gift guides this year, I had to get back in touch with my amiche Italiane to figure out what exactly is on their wish lists this year. Want to see what Italian girls want for the holidays this year? Keep scrolling for 10 Italia-inspired ideas. 

Borghese Tiny Wonders Five-Piece Set $49

Italian skincare brand Borghese is expensive enough that Italian girls wait all year to ask for it for the holidays. In fact, the brand is named after an Italian princess from the 1930s named Marcella Borghese, who was famous for her ample beauty routine. Fancy, huh? This new holiday set is on many an Italian wish list this year. 

Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette $27

Italian women don't typically wear colorful eye shadow on the daily, but when they do, it's ideally Huda Beauty. Indeed, Italian women have fallen in love with the American cult brand—to the point that this palette is the best-selling makeup product on Sephora.it. 

Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color Uninvited 0.13 oz/ 4 mL
Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color in Unbutton $25

Every Italian girl has a go-to nude lip in her arsenal, and this year, Fenty products have blown up in the Italian market. Last month, this Fenty nude liquid lip earned a place in Vogue Italia, meaning thousands of Italian girls are officially jonesing for a tube.

Dolce & Gabbana Sicily $310

This bold Dolce & Gabbana fragrance was inspired by Sicily. The radiant scent contains bergamot, jasmine, and sandalwood and comes in a glamorous gold-engraved bottle.

Sephora Collection Pineapple Pore Perfecting Face Mask $10

Italian women are hyper-focused on having a blemish-free complexion, and this pore-shrinking pineapple mask is the number one skincare product on Sephora.it. With its cute packaging and affordable price, Italian women will definitely be giving one to each of their friends this holiday season. 

Adidas Superstar Shoes $80

Go to any city in Italy, and you can expect to find Adidas on almost every woman's feet. Naturally, what do all Italian girls want for the holidays? A spiffy new pair. 

Collistar Mascara Volume Unico Black $29

Even if they're not wearing any other makeup, Italians are all about the mascara. This high-end tube is on holiday wish lists from Naples to Milan thanks to its volumizing effect, jet-black color, and lash-strengthening formula.

Kiko Milano Sparkling Holiday Eyeshadow Palette $22

Probably the most famous Italian makeup brand is Kiko Milano, which just released a range of affordable holiday products that will be filling every Italian beauty lover's stockings this year.

Sisley Super Soin Solaire Teinte Tinted Sunscreen Cream $136

If you think American women care about looking bronzy and sunkissed, go to Italy. Even in the dead of winter, it's tan or bust. This luxurious tinted sunscreen may be a touch pricey to buy on an average day but makes the perfect Italian-girl gift.

Clarins Masvelt Body Shaping Cream $71

Body-slimming products are also all the rage in Italy, as is this French pharmacy brand, whose firming body cream is an Italian Sephora best seller.

Want more international beauty tips? Next: An actual French girl shares her beauty routine.

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