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Christine Quinn Shares Her Secret to Living Life in 4-Inch Heels

This Old Thing?

In today’s world, what’s old is new again. Between fashion nostalgia and the mainstreaming of vintage hauls, more and more, we’re looking to years past for inspiration. And why shouldn’t we? Sometimes the answer isn’t buying new clothes, it’s working with what you’ve got. With This Old Thing?, we’re bringing you all the fashionable details, red carpet memories, and styling tips you’ll ever need—straight from the celebs you love.

Christine Quinn is many things, but subtle is not one of them. The breakout Selling Sunset star has hitched her rocket to fame thanks to her brazen fashion sense. While her co-stars host open houses in sensible midi dresses and blazer sets, Quinn ops for towering pumps with toothpick heels, designer mini skirts, and as many diamonds as she can physically hold on her body.

It's no surprise then that Quinn is on her second ShoeDazzle collaboration: A collection of bright stilettos, bejeweled wedges, and—what's that?—yes, even some flats.

"Everyone's like, 'how do you walk in heels all the time?' I don't," she told Byrdie. "I take them off, I put slippers on, and then when I'm out of my car or I leave the office, then I put my heels on."

There's just as much glitz and glitter as the first collection, which was released back during the winter holidays, but this time, Quinn says, "I wanted to incorporate this summer in Miami feel and vibe."

She sees the shoes poolside, walking miles around Paris, paired with a white maxi dress (she won't be doing the latter, but does condone it for others.)

Check out Quinn's new ShoeDazzle collection over on the brand's website and snag a pair in time for the season five premiere of Selling Sunset, which she promises is"more drama than ever, if that's even possible."

Below, Christine Quinn shares divulges whose closet she'd steal from her Selling Sunset cast mates (assuming there's a gun to her head), her first designer splurge, and if you'll ever catch her wearing black and navy blue together.

christine quinn

ShoeDazzle / Design by Tianna Crispino

The One Thing That Makes Her Feel the Most Like Herself

"A pair of really sexy tight leggings that are high waisted."

The Wardrobe Staple She Can't Live Without

The most awkward, ridiculous, useless purse that is just so cute.

Unsurprisingly: Christine Quinn Doesn't Love a Black and Navy Combo

"No," she says without hesitation.

The One Piece She's Held Onto from Past Jobs

"A beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress that I did a shoot in that they let me keep!"

The Best Vintage Treasure in Her Closet

"The first handbag that I ever bought myself, which was a black Speedy Louis Vuitton that I could not afford at the time. There's a story in my book about that actually and I was manifesting it and I put it on my credit card just to have it for the weekend just to hold it just to feel it. And then I went to return it and the guy at the store told me there was a stain on it and there was not a stain on it. I still have it and it's my wardrobe. That is the oldest and the first purse I ever bought and that is a constant reminder to me of hard work and how hard it is to work for things and how important it is to recognize where I came from.

So I have that, and it's black with the different colored LVs. Very old school Paris Hilton, Britney style. It's coming back!"

Her Personal Style in Three Words

"Barbie, dominatrix," she pauses. "Mother."

christine quinn

ShoeDazzle / Design by Tiana Crispino

The Sweet Fashion Memory She'll Never Forget

"When I was on the rooftop in Paris with my husband, and I was wearing a Balenciaga full-length dress, and I had red lipstick on. That's very, very vivid to me. I remember walking the streets in Paris in that Balenciaga dress and my red lipstick and I just felt like a billion dollars. I don't know why, it's just something that sticks in my head, and I can picture that photo on my Instagram to this day. It was a really nice, beautiful night."

Her Secret to Living With No Fashion Regrets

"A lot of people would say, 'yes, I wore this...' I'm going to say no just because you have to live and learn. So you might have regretted it at the time, but you had to experience that in order to realize, 'O.K. I'm never doing that again.'"

The Most Expensive Thing in Her Closet

"Jewelry, obviously."

The Three Things She'd Keep In Her Closet for the Rest of Her Life

"Shoes, shoes, and a purse."

christine quinn

ShoeDazzle / Design by Tiana Crispino

She Loves a Maxi Dress... Just Not for Her

"You're going to laugh at me because I just said it, but a maxi dress. The thing is they look good on other people, but on me, they just look frumpy. I don't know why. I can't pull it off!"

The One Trend She's Coming Around On

"Honestly, it was vintage. It was archives. It was wearing archive dresses and vintage things. But now it's coming back, which is an interesting trend and I really like it. I used to be like, 'no, I don't want to wear vintage. That's weird.' But now I really get it and I love it."

The Co-Star's Closet She Would Steal... If She Absolutely Had To

"Ew, are you kidding me? You mean downgrade? I would never. Well, if I had to I would choose the new girl, Chelsea."

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