Is This Christian Louboutin's Prettiest Beauty Launch Yet?


Courtesy of Christian Louboutin

By definition, fragrance is both luxurious and sensual—we don't have to smell like a blend of carefully concocted, exotically sourced ingredients, after all. Yet there's something really alluring about elevating our natural scent, about the very personal way that your skin's chemistry customizes any perfume you expose it to.

This is obviously the case with any kind of fragrance, but it rings particularly true with perfume oils, which take that sensory experience a step further by adding the element of touch—you dab a few drops on your wrists, your décolletage, or wherever else strikes your fancy. And leave it to fashion provocateur Christian Louboutin to own this thinking with his newest beauty launch: Starting on November 1, the brand's recently released fragrances will be available in oil form.

Also, true to the brand's MO, the packaging is predictably gorgeous. (Obvious Georgia O'Keefe vibes.) Keep reading to get the details on each scent.