Chrissy Teigen Skipped the Grammys and Filmed a Makeup Tutorial Instead

Updated 02/11/19

"Hey guys, welcome to my not-going-to-the-Grammys-makeup-tutorial." That's how Chrissy Teigen started off her series of Instagram Stories last night. We were hooked. Chrissy Teigen's dry wit, an at-home sneak peek of a celeb's beauty routine, and a makeup tutorial? As far as we're concerned, those are the top 3 most important elements of any successful social media posting.

As such, this one didn't disappoint, especially when it came to product recommendations. Thanks to this posting in particular, we know the exact luxury beauty products that Teigen uses to perfect her (already near-perfect) complexion. One of them is a cult-classic French concealer. Another is a silky ombre blush. Keep scrolling to see Chrissy Teigen's full no-makeup makeup tutorial. And no, we didn't leave out any one of the sarcastic comments or pithy remarks we know and love.


Chrissy Teigen Makeup Tutorial

"Step one: put concealer all over your face," Teigen says. "I like Cle de Peau." This concealer has reached an almost iconic level of recognition thanks to its no-fuss approach to base makeup. Ask beauty editors, influencers, and even makeup artists, and they'll tell you that it has a superbly creamy texture that blends well and offers a high-coverage finish without a lot of weight. The only criticism we have (and it's a significant one) is that there isn't a very wide range of shades available, only six in total.


Cle de Peau Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer
Cle de Peau Cle De Peau Beaute Concealer $70

Teigen uses it the same way we like to use it—in place of foundation. She applies it straight from the stick wherever she feels like her complexion needs it, and then rubs it in using her fingers. There are no brushes or makeup sponges involved. In true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she ends the concealer segment by saying, "make sure to not to care too much." 

Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Shiseido Eyelash Curler $22

After brushing her hair, Teigen moves on to lashes. First she curls her lashes, then she applies her mascara. The products in question are Shiseido Lash Curler ($22) and Serge Lutens Mascara ($65). "I'm Asian, so I love Shiseido Eyelash Curlers, cause they're kind of flatter," She explains. "Oh my God, I'm a beauty blogger!" 

Serge Lutens Beauté Mascara
Serge Lutens Beauté Mascara $65

This mascara is by French photographer, beauty expert, and filmmaker Serge Lutens (talk about a well-rounded resume...). It's unique in that it doesn't use at traditional bristled brush. Instead, it has a small and pliable comb-like brush, which is meant to coat each individual lash without clumping. Again, it's a high-end brand, which means the price tag is similarly luxurious, but only the best for Chrissy Teigen, right?

KISS I Envy Ultra Black Individual Lashes
KISS I Envy Ultra Black Individual Lashes $9

Next, she recommends a drugstore product, which was recommended to her by celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin (whose clients include Teigen, the Kardashians, and Bella Hadid). "Oh, Jen Atkin told me to buy Kiss Lashes," Teigen says. "This is not an ad, by the way, but I can't tell if I'm going for casual at-home Grammys or—are these necessary? We'll see." 

The next installment of her Instagram Story is probably the most relatable part. "Well, I don't have any glue, so we'll continue with the casual, at-home vibes." We've been there, Chrissy, we've been there. Sometimes you have to create a makeup look on the fly. 

Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Blush
Kevyn Aucoin The Neo Blush $38

We thought her lack of eyelash glue was the most relatable part until we saw the next one. After staring into the camera for a bit, she says, "Sorry about that. I literally forgot what I was doing...I've had a couple glasses of wine. Next up, cheeks." Here is where we'd like to formally submit a petition for Teigen to create her own makeup tutorial YouTube channel. But we digress. 

"I obviously love my BECCA Palette," Teigen says, referring to her the BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette ($46) she created in collaboration with the brand last year. "But I kind of just grabbed what's nearest to me, and that would be this guy; this is Kevyn Aucoin." 

COOLA Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Organic Tinted Lip
COOLA Mineral Liplux SPF 30 Organic Tinted Lip $18

"For lips, I bought this on vacation from the hotel gift shop. It's Coola Tan Line—they make...what's it called...sunscreen and stuff. They also do lip stuff; it's like a balm with a little color to it." The shade Tan Line is a peachy nude color that's perfect for everyday wear. There are 5 other shades, though, that range from bold red to blush nude. 

Givenchy Mister Brow Groom Brow Setting Gel
Givenchy Mister Brow Groom Brow Setting Gel $30

"Next up, brow gel; it's Givenchy," Teigen says. She pronounces the brand name with a purposeful over-the-top French accent that makes us feel like friendship soulmates. She ends her brow gel segment with, "if anyone's watching this, I pity you." 

"So that is my at-home for the Grammys makeup tutorial. Make sure to like and subscribe. Enjoy the show. Hit me up if you want any beauty tips." We know she's joking, but can we all agree that she should, in fact, start a YouTube channel that's solely dedicated to informal and last-minute makeup tutorials? Not only was this one extremely entertaining to watch, but she offers up seriously great product recommendations. Plus, her no-makeup makeup look is fresh, glowy, and pretty simple, too. 

Next, check out the Japanese cleanser that both Kim Kardashian-West and Meghan Markle use to keep their glowy complexions intact. 

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