Chrissy Teigen's High School Picture Is the Least Awkward in History


Getty Images

We're used to Chrissy Teigen looking absolutely flawless—from the red carpet to her off-the-cuff selfies on Instagram. We've also become accustomed to celebrities and models regaling us with stories from their awkward, gangling youths. Not so with Chrissy Teigen, the hilarious model we've come to adore. In fact, Teigen was perhaps the least awkward teenager in the history of teenagers. Seriously. 

She grew up in Snohomish, Washington, and as a holiday gift to us all, the town's local news station decided to post a few epic throwback pictures on Twitter. K5 wrote, "GUYS. @chrissyteigen was born and raised in Snohomish. Check this out!" Along with the tweet came gorgeous photos of a young Teigen as a cheerleader. No awkwardness in sight: no zits, crazy hair, or unfortunate makeup. Yes, dear readers, life is unfair. When we were in high school, we spent our allowances on lip gloss and Nars Blush in Orgasm ($30) to feel grown-up. See Teigen's pictures below.