Chrissy Teigen's Been Wearing a "Headband of the Day," and Now You Can Too

At the end of a long workday, sometimes you just need a sweet release. For some, it's Netflix. For others, it's a juicy pour of wine. And for me, it's Chrissy Teigen. Or more specifically, her obsession with pretty, very Instagrammable headbands. In fact, the only thing better would be an epic combination of all three. Just me?

In celebration of Teigen's new dedicated Instagram Story series "Headband of the Day" (aka HBOTD), narrated hilariously with a playful theme song courtesy of her vocally blessed husband, John Legend, we thought we'd pay our own little ode to the model's workout, breastfeeding, tooth-brushing hair accessory of choice. After all, Teigen has pretty much proved the look's versatility, and what's better in the sticky months of summer than having a go-to style to stave off the sweat-drenched rattails we find plastered to the nape of our neck? Thought so. Ahead, nine of our favorite HBOTD moments, courtesy of Chrissy Teigen's addicting Instagram Stories, plus nine look-alike shopping options we think your beach and workout bags need ASAP. Keep scrolling!