Chrissy Teigen's Makeup Artist Tells Us How to Get Her Glowing Skin

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As if anyone needed another reason to be envious of Chrissy Teigen (the woman whose resumé includes best-selling cookbooks, a cookware line, television shows, and an unmatched Twitter fanbase), there's her near-flawless skin. While it's likely that her genes play a large role in that gorgeous olive complexion, Chrissy is also blessed by the celebrity makeup artist gods—specifically, Patrick Ta—whose deft hands and creative techniques can make skin look photoshopped to perfection, no Adobe required. We hopped on the phone with the talented artist—whose roster of clients also includes Gigi Hadid and Shay Mitchell—to find out which products and techniques he relies on to ensure Chrissy's skin looks its most luminous.

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Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil $95

Before applying any other products, Ta preps Chrissy's skin with Tatcha oil, which provides a sheer but dewy glow—and a hint of gleam, thanks to crushed 23-karat gold flakes. Applying the oil first, he says, helps foundation glide more easily over skin and creates an airbrushed, blended look.

Instead of swiping oil onto skin, try pressing it with the pads of your fingers. This will help the product absorb more easily, and allow makeup to glide on smoothly on top.

Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Smooth Firming Foundation $67

The surefire way to healthy, luminous-looking skin? Foundation-matching. In order to achieve the best shade for any complexion, Ta recommends mixing colors. For Chrissy, Ta uses Armani Designer Lift Foundation in shades #07 and #08, mixing in a bit of Armani Light Makeup Master Primer (discontinued, though Armani Maestro UV Makeup Primer, $64, is a similar product) for added sheen. To apply, he first applies the foundation mixture with a microfiber brush, and finishes by pressing a damp Beautyblender ($20) over skin.

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder, currently unavailable $95

To add a sunkissed glow, Ta uses this shimmery bronzer from Tom Ford along the perimeter of the forehead and cheeks, underneath the chin, and on the bridge of the nose (places where the sun would naturally hit the face). Due to popular demand, that product is currently unavailable, but Lorac's TANtalizer Buildable Bronzing Powder ($32), offers a similar effect.

Young Blood Mineral Blush in Nectar $25

Chrissy's enviable cheeks care all-natural but her pretty, bright flush can be replicated. Ta recommends Young Blood's Mineral Blush ($25) in shade "Nectar."

BECCA Cosmetics Shimmering Skin Perfector $38

Ta swears by BECCA Cosmetics Highlighter in "Champagne Pop" ($38) to get Chrissy's glow, applying it on the high points of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, on the Cupid's bow, and even on the middle of the eyelid. While Ta says that powder highlighters are ideal for busy women on-the-go, liquid or cream highlighters are best for photo shoots, where the goal is a "super-, super-dewy sheen."

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist $48

Finally, after all face makeup has been applies, Ta sprays Tatcha Luminous Skin Mist, ($48) all over Chrissy's face for a final parting glow.

For those with oily skin—who are worried about veering past "dewy" and into "oil-slick" territory—Ta recommends dusting "a lot of powder" on the oiliest areas (like the T-zone) to soak up any unwanted oil and keep the skin looking naturally matte.

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