Chrissy Teigen Just Debuted a Copper Flippy Lob

Perfect for spring.

Chrissy Teigan


Here’s the thing about delving into the latest beauty trends: although they all have their own special qualities, it can sometimes feel like you're just following the herd if every beauty move you make is an exact replica of what's "it" at this moment. There are, however, ways to dip into the trends while maintaining your individuality—case in point: Chrissy Teigen’s most recent hair change.

On March 8, Teigen posted an Instagram video debuting her new color, which combines the copper and money piece trends into one. Her colorist, Matt Rez, gave the star the most drastic color change we’ve seen on her in quite some time. “Breaking news: woman gets new hair color !!!!!!!!!” wrote Teigen in her Instagram caption, showing off the copper hair.

Her hair seems to feature sections in the front that are slightly lighter than the rest of her ‘do, meaning that she’s incorporated the money piece trend for spring. Her hairstylist, Rikke Gajda, transformed Tiegen’s hair from what were once lengthy waves to a flippy lob, equipped with Tiegen’s usual center part and slight layers to create both body and dimension.

Although both the copper and the money piece highlight trends have been huge over the past year or so, there’s no sign that the popularity of either is slowing down. In fact, both Beyoncé and J.Lo recently debuted their subtle (and highly wearable) money piece highlights, and it-girl, Julia Fox took to creating her own fiery rendition of the red hair craze. Teigen simply married the two trends together, showing that you can mix and match to put your own unique spin on the biggest trends.

Yes, red hair is absolutely gorgeous, but I would feel irresponsible not to share a few caveats that come along with trying the shade yourself. Firstly, red hair is notorious for being difficult to upkeep since it’s the quickest color to wash out of the hair and requires frequent refreshments to keep it bright. Secondly, if you’re going from a dark dye (or dark hair in general), your best bet is to visit a trained colorist to lift your current color and avoid damaging the hair in the process. If you want to achieve a carbon copy of Tiegen’s copper-meets-money-piece color, make sure to invest in a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, and visit your colorist every six to eight weeks to maintain your trendy, spring-ready shade.

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