Chrissy Teigen is a Brunette! Do You Like Her New Color?

As a Sports Illustrated icon, Chrissy Teigen has rocked sexy, beach-blond hair for quite some time, the bombshell look being a part of her identity. But the model and hilarious wife of John Legend changed things up when she debuted a decidedly un-Springy, rich, moody brown hair color on Instagram yesterday. She had posted a teaser shot while mid-color process, and didn't leave fans hanging, later revealing two new images of her transformed 'do. 

It's not entirely clear whether the decision was personal or for a job, though Teigen did share that she was on set in the first "after" photo. Later, she shared a cute photo of herself with the man responsible for the color, David Lopez, sporting a seriously dramatic cat-eye. For his part, Lopez joked, "Behind every great brunette there's a Puerto Rican hairdresser."

What do you think of her new color? Share your thoughts below!