Chrissy Teigen’s $6 Blackhead-Fighting Hack Is Going Viral

We asked a dermatologist if it works.

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Countless hours in the hair makeup chair, access to world-class professionals, and millions (sometimes billions) of dollars mean celebrities are often privy to hair, skin, and makeup tips and tricks not accessible to us ordinary civilians. Every so often, we'll catch an incredible tip that's not a vampire facial or a $1,000 cuticle cream harvested from endangered plants at the foothills of the Himalayans. But leave it to Chrissy Teigen, the people's princess, for keeping us in the loop on every affordable hack she discovers.

Yesterday (Jan 5.), Teigen set the TL ablaze when she showed off her latest hack that requires nothing more than a $6 classic and the mask you already own. Captioning a sweet picture of Teigen out with husband John Legend and their adorable babies, she spells it out for us: "Lifehack: nose strip under your mask. Keep safe AND get those rent-free blackheads out." Visible above her mask nose bridge is a Biore The Original Deep Cleansing Nose Strips ($6), which she's shouted out before for helping keep her nose and chin clear of stubborn blackheads.

While the hack seems perfect for tackling some skincare to-dos while out running errands, we wanted to double check to make sure this trick was safe and effective. We spoke with Dr. Rachel Nazarian, MD, a top dermatologist on Byrdie's expert review board to investigate this game-changing tip—and she loved it. Not only do blackhead-clearing pore strips actually work, but Dr. Nazarian says they can be doubly effective as a protectant against irritation and rub from your mask.

"Pore strips target the keratin in blackheads, and as they dry adhere more tightly," Dr. N explains. "The blackheads that are loose will remain attached and lift out when you remove the strip. This works best if you’re already using a skincare regimen that loosens the blackhead [like] products with retinol or salicylic acid."

Grey bottle of lotion
Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant $10

Before you run out and slap a strip across your nose, though, there are a few things to be wary of. According to Dr. Nazarian, this hack isn't a daily one. "Using these strips can make the skin on your nose more sensitive," she cautions. "Use them sparingly, otherwise your daily mask will rub against irritated skin making it more inflamed and uncomfortable."

If you're new to the pore strip life, Dr. N has a few words of advice for proper application. Apply the strip as close to your facial contour lines as possible so they completely stick to your skin. "The risk here is that the pore strip may prevent the mask from having good adherence with your face, and leaving you more vulnerable to infection," she says. "As long as your mask still grips your nose and cheeks well, you should be fine," she instructs.

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Biore The Original Deep Cleansing Nose Strips $6

Leave it to Chrissy Teigen to engineer yet another populist hack we can all get behind. Really, what can't she do?

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