Exclusive: Chrissy Teigen on Hot Sauce, Highlighters, and Ironing Her Hair

On a rainy day in Los Angeles, perched among a group of beauty editors, Chrissy Teigen is glowing. But what else is new? She radiates light—both with her funny, unassuming personality and her highlighter-dusted cheekbones—and her pregnancy has only amplified this effervescent quality. The model, host, and mom-to-be is full of anecdotes (such as that one time she straightened her hair with an actual iron) and advice (don’t make that same mistake). Hair is the topic du jour today as we’re gathered to learn about TRESemmé’s Beauty-Full Volume line, of which Teigen serves as spokesperson. The groundbreaking reverse wash system consists of the Pre-Wash Conditioner that you use first, followed by the Beauty-Full Volume Shampoo second that promises major volume without any crunch or stickiness.  But hair is not all that we end up discussing—it is Teigen, after all—and the conversation soon drifts to more pressing matters like how she turned her crying meme into wrapping paper for her friends and her tendency to stockpile milk.

By the end of our conversation, we’ve come to the conclusion that to know Chrissy Teigen is to love Chrissy Teigen—hell, to not know Chrissy Teigen is to love Chrissy Teigen too, as her legions of social media followers prove. Whether it’s co-hosting the viral wonder Lip Sync Battle, penning her first cookbook, Cravings, or just slaying every red carpet she graces, Teigen has her hand in many pots, both figuratively and literally—and manages to do it all with unabashed honesty and really, really good hair. With her belly wrapped snugly in a black figure-hugging dress, skin aglow, and hair cascading down in waves like only a model’s does, Teigen gave us the exclusive scoop on everything from her penchant for hot sauce to her favorite highlighter—all while making us LOL at least a few times throughout the process.

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