Exclusive: The Secret to Chriselle Lim's Winter Glow

These days, Chriselle Lim has a lot to smile about. Her YouTube channel is about to hit half a million subscribers; her blog, The Chriselle Factor, has been established as a go-to authority in the style and lifestyle space; and in a few months, she will embark on a journey she’s never experienced before: motherhood. Considering that she has traveled all over the world and experienced things most women only dream of, it’s refreshing to hear Lim admit that even she gets a bit nervous when it comes to beginning something completely new. “They say that you can never be ready or prepared enough,” she muses. “But I’m sure the worries I have sometimes will fade away when I see [my baby].”

We got a chance to sit down with Lim and talk all things beauty—from her must-have products to her favorite DIY hair mask—and get an exclusive preview of her latest video with Estée Lauder, which is all about embracing pregnancy glow (and how to fake one if you’re not pregnant). Keep scrolling to see it all!