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Chris Appleton, Jennifer Lopez

Chris Appleton 

Imagine being responsible for creating modern-day hair trends like “glass hair,” “snatched ponies” and “hot chocolate hair”—and then giving out your secrets to success for free. That’s what celebrity hairstylist and Color Wow Global Creative Director, Chris Appleton is doing on October 19 by offering a free global master class for hairstylists. Why?

Well, this unprecedented year has been a time when so many salon stylists are truly struggling financially, and he wants to pay it forward. The class will focus on his speedy tips and tricks of the trade. “Time is money,” Chris assets.

While he now styles the heads of Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and your other favorites, he has deep roots in the salon business that led him to where he is today including in 2010 being named “Young Hairdresser of the Year” by the BBC. Chris caught up with Byrdie ahead of the 2020 Worldwide Virtual Master Class to talk time-saver hair creations you can do yourself at home and his hair trend predictions for the most uncertain year yet.

On his secret weapon to transforming hair texture fast...

"One salon time-saver that I'll be sharing at the masterclass is how to speed dry hair using products to help cut down the drying process. Oftentimes, as stylists, we tend to take our time with this part of the process by drying section-by-section. I recommend speed drying."

"To do this you flip the clients’ head upside down to get the hair 90% dry. From there use Color Wow’s One Minute Transformation Cream ($24) to change the texture of the hair. This is just one of the shortcuts I’ll be sharing to achieve a quicker finish in a faster way, to get clients in and out. [...] It literally transforms any texture of hair on the spot.his formula really nourishes the cuticle of the hair and gives a great shine but still leaves volume. I use this product when I don't have a lot of time to blowdry."

Color Wow
Color Wow One Minute Transformation $24

On a salon-worthy hairstyle, you can recreate at home in minutes...

"Flat iron waves. Part hair down the center and create two pigtail braids. Sleep in them overnight or run a flatiron over the braids. Let it cool for a few seconds after applying the heat and take the braids out to reveal beachy movement on the ends. Pull your roots down to be smooth and flat which gives it a nice and modern look."

"Use my S-Wave technique by creating an S-shape with the flatiron to really frame the face. This look takes all the work out of the back and helps you achieve effortless texture which is really on-trend right now."

On his go-to product right now...

"I love Color Wow’s Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray ($24) because it is alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out the hair as other blow dry sprays tend to do. This product holds essential hydration in hair while cutting down the dry time."

Color Wow
Color Wow Speed Dry $24

On the trend his celeb clients are loving right now... 

"My clients are loving natural textures right now. This goes hand in hand with what is going on in the world—the looks have become more relaxed and less polished. We are really taking a step back when it comes to hairstyling and clients are truly embracing natural textures and learning to work with their own hair. J. Lo is a great example as she has been wearing her hair naturally curly, giving her that gorgeous, effortless look."

[...] It is more about styling for a mood vs. a trend.

On forecasting the hair trends for winter 2020/2021...

"It’s hard to say when it comes to a 'trend,' given the current climate. Right now and looking ahead, it is more about styling for a mood vs. a trend. People are wanting to know how to cover their roots at home and look better for zoom calls. [So I'm] teaching how to style for moods vs. trends since there aren’t any real red carpet events etc. coming up where we usually see trends. The looks we are now seeing and will continue to see into the new year are more hands-on than ever."

To see the master in action and master these styles yourself, sign up for the Chris Appleton x Color Wow 2020 Worldwide Virtual Master Class here.

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