Watch: Kim Kardashian's Hairstylist Shares 5 Products He Can't Live Without

Chris Appleton styles the hair of some of the most famous celebrities in Hollywood, like Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian West. (Speaking of Kardashian West specifically, we credit her trademark wet-look hairstyle to his expertise; he even filmed a tutorial showing the methods and products he uses to achieve it.) It’s no coincidence that his clients also happen to be some of our biggest hair inspirations—we think the man’s a genius.

Here, he shares the five hair products that he always keeps in his kit. From a $12 hairbrush that he says, “transforms and saves hair” to a budge-proof root powder and a variety of craft supplies from Jo-Ann Fabrics and Michael’s (yes, really), these are the products he swears by for boosting his clients’ hair game to an entirely new level. Watch the video to see all five of the products he says that he can’t live without.

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