These Choppy Bangs Will Have You Texting Your Stylist ASAP

Choppy Bangs

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While it seems as though bangs are always in the limelight, choppy bangs in particular are having a moment. With softly broken ends and piece-y texture, they can easily be worn on varying face shapes and hair types. Choppy bangs add an edginess and versatility to any style, so it's no surprise to see handfuls of our favorite celebs sporting the statement snip.

Below, 10 staple references of choppy bangs for you to take into your next salon appointment.

Meet the Expert

Tiffani Patchett is a stylist at New York City's Beauty Supply salon.

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Choppy Micro Fringe

Emma Watson


"The defining characteristic to a choppy fringe is when they vary in lengths" says Patchett. While blunt bangs end at the same length throughout, choppy bangs—which can be soft or chunky—make those varied lengths visible. The juxtaposition of lengths is the defining feature of this look, Patchett explains.

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Soften The Graze

Tyra Banks


Bangs can certainly soften our gazes, but Tyra Banks proves that a choppier bang can soften the graze as well. By allowing her fringe to have that softer edge, the hair falls gracefully along the brow line.

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Break Things Up

Alexa Chung


Of course we put Alexa Chung on this list—she's a queen when it comes to bang references. Here, she wears a choppy take on her U-shaped fringe, allowing for more movement and a piecier finish.

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Waves Are Welcome



All waves are welcome when it comes to a choppy fringe. There's truly no hair type or natural texture that can't pull off this look. "Straight and wavy hair are going to be the easiest textures to manage," says Patchett, "but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them if you have textured or curly hair. Styling and products are going to be key to getting the desired effect you want with textured or curly hair."

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Choppy Wisps



Wispy bangs can be choppy, too. "Longer wispy bangs can really work on any length depending how you wear them, but they work especially well with mid-length to longer length hair as a way to create some shape and movement around the face," says Patchett.

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Flattering All Face Shapes

Hannah Simone


A choppy bang can flatter any face shape—square, heart, oval, you name it. The key to wearing this look with confidence, Patchett tells us, is choosing the most flattering length to accompany the style you're most comfortable with. "I’ve seen choppy bangs on all lengths and styles of hair that have looked really cool," says Patchett. "It just depends on your personal style and comfort level."

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Endless Styling Possibilities

Constance Wu


Contrasted textures, like this straight choppy bang against softly brushed out wavy movement all around, really balance out the style. To help your bangs lay flat, "brush the bangs back and forth using a small Mason Pearson brush and your blow dryer," says Patchett.

Brushing your bangs back and forth under the heat of your blowdryer will neutralize any growth patterns, and help the bangs to lay flat and smooth.

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Extra Chops

Vanessa Hudgens


"If you are considering trying a short choppy bang (micro), I would recommend trying them with shorter styles such as pixies or bobs." For more exaggerated choppy bangs, Patchett recommends blowdrying the bangs straight down and finishing with a light cream, such as GM Reverie's Rake, to add texture and make piecey. 

GM Reverie Rake
Reverie Natural Mini Rake Styling Balm $16.00
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Longer Fringe

Kerry Washington


Having a longer fringe with a choppy style can be especially nice on anything that falls below the brow line. Those varied lengths will not only make the pieces in eyesight easier to manage; they'll create a softer look altogether. If you're comfortable wearing face framing layers, a longer, choppy fringe will blend effortlessly into your normal cut.

A fun styling tip for this look, according to our expert: Blow-dry the center down smooth and use your brush to dry the bangs away from the face on either side, creating a winged effect. 

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Blunt But Choppy

Saoirse Ronan


Some generous point-cutting into a blunt bang can give it that choppy, edgy finish. If you have fine or thin hair and don't want this look to lay flat against your forehead, Patchett suggests using a light spray of Oribe's Dry Texturing Spray ($49) to add some volume and lift while also providing a light hold.

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