25 Shades of Chocolate Brown Hair to Wear All Year Long

Chocolate Brown Hair Cool Toned Emily Ratajkowski

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While we love baby blonde highlights and platinum dye jobs (we see you, Karlie Kloss), dark, rich chocolate brown hair oozes an essence of sex appeal that can't be denied. The shade complements so many features, bringing out green, hazel, and brown eyes; not to mention it looks gorgeous with a golden, bronzed makeup look. It just looks great in all seasons, making for a look that's chic, classic, and alluringly sexy all at the same time. Whether you're returning to your roots or going for a dramatic style evolution, it's best to know what you're in for. Maybe it's time to go dark? Olivia Casanova at IGK Salon and Jaxcee at The Coily Collective gave us all the must-know tips regarding this rich style.

Meet the Expert

  • Olivia Casanova is a colorist at IGK Salon with over a decade of experience. She has worked with numerous celebrity and royalty clients including Maluma, Johnathan Cheban, Karrueche, and princess of Monaco, Pauline Ducuret.
  • Jaxcee is a colorist, curl specialist, and the founder of The Coily Collective.

The beauty of chocolate brown is how versatile it can be. "You can keep it one rich, dark all-over shade, or play around with some subtle lighter pieces throughout the hair," Casanova says. "It all depends on the look you’re going for."

Chocolate Brown Hair

Choosing a Shade: Milk chocolate uses golden and copper tones, while dark chocolate tends to be more cool-toned with red and violet undertones. When determining the right shade for you, always consider eye color, and skin undertone, Casanova says, noting that if you have olive undertones, you’re going to want a very warm brown that will appear to neutralize any green undertones in your skin.

Maintenance Level: Natural brunettes are low-maintenance. It's a lot more high-maintenance if you're naturally blonde because as the roots grow in, you'll have a solid line of demarcation from the blonde to brown, requiring a root touch-up every four to six weeks.

Goes Great With: Caramel-toned highlights or a bold lip.

Similar Shades: Chestnut, brown ombré, ash brown, and mocha brown

Price: Single-process dye would start at $200, however, it depends on the salon.

Keep scrolling to see our favorite brunette photos, and when viewing what works for the stars, keep in mind what might work best for you.

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Milk Chocolate Curls

Chocolate Brown Hair Gugu Mbatha-Raw

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Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw has amazingly warm chocolate curls, and we're truly in love. She illustrates just how deeply stunning the color is; plus, her shiny curls are captivating in general.

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Golden Undertones

Chocolate Brown Hair Golden Undertones Ashley Graham

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Worn with a slight wave and middle part, Ashley Graham's luscious color looks rich, shiny, and natural against her complexion.

Just because chocolate brown is initially a single-process look doesn't mean you can't add other colors after. “I usually tell my clients with wavy, curly, or coily hair that it’s always a good idea to add a few highlights to give the hair a more dimensional look,” Jaxcee says, “Adding dimension to clients with more texture allows the beauty of their texture to be seen better."

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Cool-Toned Chocolate

Chocolate Brown Hair Cool Toned Emily Ratajkowski

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Both experts cite Emily Ratajkowski as a great chocolate brown hair inspiration. Her signature cool-toned hair is the antithesis of the notion that blondes have more fun. From Paris runways to red carpets, she's a showstopper, for sure.

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Warm Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair Braided Highlights Zendaya

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While Zendaya is the queen of switching up her hairstyle, each one more iconic than the last, we're especially feeling this braided look with warm, light-reflecting highlights.

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Natural Brown

Chocolate Brown Hair Natural Taylor Hill

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Taylor Hill is another model known for her natural chocolate brown hair, usually twisted, wind-blown, and paired with a red lip. To achieve a milk chocolate brown like Hill’s here, Jaxcee says she’d use golden and copper tones. For a dark chocolate color, which is more cool-toned, she would use red-violet and copper-violet tones to emulate the rich velvety goodness of dark chocolate, she says.

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Raven Colors

Chocolate Brown Hair Raven Bella Hadid

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Bella Hadid's color vacillates from raven to chocolate and right back again. She's a true brunette dream girl, and we'll be copying her hair until the end of time. It's worth mentioning that she's actually a natural blonde like sister Gigi, which can make chocolate brown hair tricky to maintain if you’re one to skip a salon appointment.

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Deep Brown Waves

Chocolate Brown Hair Waves Normani


Being the pop superstar that she is, Normani is often changing up her style. We're partial to her deep brown waves or the amazing curly ponytail she's sported on stage.

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Golden Highlights

Chocolate Brown Hair Highlighted Jasmine Tookes

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Like Jasmine Tookes's warm brown hair, additional golden highlights perfectly complement her equally glowing complexion. We can see how pretty her highlights look here, and they probably look even brighter in the sun.

One thing you want to avoid with chocolate brown hair is too much sun exposure, Casanova says, as this can cause the color to oxidize, creating red or brassy undertones. Protecting hair from sun exposure is easier than you'd think. Use an all-over heat protectant, which is also great when styling with hot tools.

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Deeper Tones

Chocolate Brown Hair Kaitlyn Dever

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A warmer brunette on a lighter complexion like Kaitlyn Dever's helps to create contrast without looking too extreme. Plus, the darker color makes her eyes look super bright.

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Healthy, Rich Curls

Chocolate Brown Hair Curls Jasmine Cephas-Jones

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Stylists should always consider the specific needs of the hair texture they're coloring. Jaxcee makes sure to do so, especially when working with clients like Hamilton alum, actress, and singer Jasmine Cephas Jones.

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Deep and Dimensional

Chocolate Brown Hair Issa Rae

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We're absolutely captivated by Issa Rae—her wit, beauty, and, of course, her glorious natural hair. Here, the CoverGirl ambassador shows off the chocolate brown color with curls and an award-winning smile. This type of dynamic brunette is not the kind that you want to do as a kitchen beautician, Jaxcee says. "To truly get the nuanced tones and dimension chocolate shades call for, let a professional do it."

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Universal Brunette

Chocolate Brown Hair Universal Emilia Clarke

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It's important to ask your colorist to formulate a shade best for your complexion, like Emilia Clarke's true chocolate brown look. Many of us know her best as the legendary platinum-haired Mother of Dragons, but it's common knowledge these days that she's a true brunette—and we love it.

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Enhanced Color

Chocolate Brown Hair Victoria Beckham

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One thing we love about Victoria Beckham: She has the sharpest sense of what she likes and what works for her. Her timeless brown hair is one of those things. Like many celebs, she had her stint as a blonde, but Posh is clearly a brunette at heart.

Try to get your roots redone every six to 10 weeks to keep hair luscious and vibrant like Beckham. Plus use a color-enhancing conditioner like Moroccanoil Color Depositing Mask in Cocoa ($30) to help keep color looking new between appointments.

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Bountiful Brunettes

Sam McKnight styled a bevy of beautiful brunette looks. Scroll through to see them all. Whether your hair is naturally brunette, like some shades here, or you're choosing the color, it's always a good idea to invest in a weekly hair mask.

Hair masks help restore moisture and are important to use after coloring your hair—especially if your hair is on the coarse side. Jaxcee says a hair mask is essential after a color service, noting it’s always a good idea to moisturize, but it's even more important once hair dye comes into the mix. She recommends and loves Mizani's True Textures Moroccan Clay Steam Hair Mask ($26) for this purpose.

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Rich Espresso

Chocolate Brown Hair Mandy Moore

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Mandy Moore has mastered practically every hair hue on the spectrum, but she's stuck with a rich espresso and a few well-placed bronzy highlights for the long haul. It's a classic look, yet Moore's natural color skews towards blonde, requiring her to go in for a touch-up every once in a while. This depends on how dark you go compared to your natural level of lightness, Casanova says, noting the upkeep usually requires just a root touch-up or an overall gloss.

Try a hair gloss. They're known to boost hair shine and improve color. While glossing treatments can be applied in the salon by a professional, there are also a surprising number of effective at-home hair glosses on the market today.

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Glossy Waves

Chocolate Brown Hair Kaia Gerber

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With Kaia Gerber's shiny long look, she's definitely investing in a great hair gloss. Casanova recommends using IGK Hair’s Mixed Feelings Toning Drops ($29) for brunettes for an easy at-home gloss. "Use about five drops, mixed into your conditioner or leave-in product. This will help keep any brassiness at bay," she says.

Is Gerber not the spitting image of her supermodel mother Cindy Crawford? Just like her mom's thick, luscious brown hair, her hair gives off major glamazon vibes.

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Timeless Brunette

Chocolate Brown Hair Timeless Hailee Steinfeld

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Hailee Steinfeld's wavy, middle-parted hair is one of the first things we think of when strong, long brunette locks enter the conversation.

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Brown Tipped Bob

Chocolate Brown Hair Lucy Hale

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Our forever crush Lucy Hale is another star who's experimented with everything from the blackest hair to blonde highlights. We're fans of all her trendy looks, but this brown-tipped hue is one of her sweet spots.

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Confident Curls

Chocolate Brown Hair Zazie Beetz

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Zazie Beetz seems to always get it right and yeah, her natural curls are incredible. Plus, we love how she embraces this effortless, confident vibe, and it has us thinking—maybe we should all try to be more like that, too.

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Espresso Tones

Chocolate Brown Hair Espresso Shay Mitchell


Shay Mitchell's espresso hair has been a mainstay since the beginning of her career. While she occasionally works with various hairstylists and has been known to switch it up with some honey-hued highlights, stylist Glen created a sleek half up-half down look that we can totally incorporate into our style arsenal.

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Finger Waves

Chocolate Brown Hair Finger Waves Amandla Stenberg


Hairstylist Vernon François crafted these beyond stunning cornrow finger waves for Amandla Stenberg at the 2019 Oscars.

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Sleek, Glossy Brunette

Chocolate Brown Hair Kenya Kinski-Jones

Getty Images

Bobby Eliot mastered this sleek and straight 'do on model Kenya Kinski-Jones. The headband is an accessory we can so get behind.

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Dark Retro Waves

Chocolate Brown Hair Beanie Feldstein


Eliot also crafted Beanie Feldstein's retro waves. The Booksmart actress's chocolate-colored hair looked so glam here.

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Highlighted Brunette

Kryssi at IGK Salons in NY used Redken shades to get this perfectly highlighted brunette style. But highlights don’t always have to be bright or blonde, Jaxcee says, noting milk chocolate highlights on a darker base would be equally as stunning.

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Springy Curls

David Lopez, who often works with Ashley Graham, styled these gorgeous brunette curls into a luscious, everyday look using Devacurl’s Light Defining Gel ($26) and T3micro's Cura Lux Dryer ($230), currently out of stock.

Also, invest in a ready good color-safe shampoo. Jaxcee likes Mizani True Texture True Cream Cleansing Conditioner ($28) for coarse textures. Using a sulfate-free cleanser will ensure that your color stays vibrant for as long as possible, she says.

  • What is chocolate brown hair?

    Jaxcee describes it as a beautiful, rich, multi-faceted tone of brunette that can range from milk chocolate, which is warmer, to dark chocolate which is a cooler more matte brown. It’s also important to note that this is typically considered a single-process look, which consists of applying demi-permanent or permanent color to the hair, she says.

  • What undertones work best for chocolate brown hair?

    Casanova says chocolate browns can be pretty universal for most undertones, and Jaxcee echos this, saying brunette is an easy color for most regardless of tone. Still, there are slight variations to be made. If you have a warmer complexion, cool tones will look edgier because of the contrast, she says, while warmer tones will look softer. If your skin is cooler, then warmer shades can make you look a bit more tan.

  • What hair texture is best for processing chocolate brown hair?

    Finer hair types (in any texture from coily to straight) tend to process a lot quicker than more coarse hair types, Jaxcee says, noting the volume of peroxide used when formulating a single process is so important. 

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