Chloe x Halle Share Their Go-To Hair Growth Treatment

Chloe x Halle

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If Disney Princesses walked among us, they would probably seem something like Chloe and Halle Bailey. 

With soft, sing-songy voices that emerge from warm, wide smiles, it only takes moments to understand why the Atlanta-born duo (who are as sweet as they are soulful) received an anointing from Queen herself—Beyonce—who signed the sweet and soulful sisters to her management company after hearing their cover of “Pretty Hurts,” skyrocketing their careers. 

Today, Chloe x Halle juggle releasing hit albums such as “Ungodly Hour”—nominated for three Grammy Awards—with acting projects such as "Grown-ish," where they portray star athletes at a California college, and Halle’s upcoming role as (what else) the titular Disney Princess in the live-action adaptation of "The Little Mermaid."

The duo, recently named faces of Neutrogena, sat down with Byrdie to talk about skincare routines, loc maintenance, and the best advice they’ve received from one another.

How have you been holding up during the pandemic?

Halle: We've been doing pretty good. I mean, I think at the beginning of the pandemic it was definitely a shock. But now I feel like we have adapted to everything. You know, we feel blessed to still be able to work. And we're separate; away from each other right now, which is a little sad. I'm just grateful for the fact that I still get to see my beautiful sister when we do things like this! 

You are now faces of Neutrogena. What was it about the brand that made it feel like the right fit?

Chloe: It really felt like the right fit because we've always been big fans of Neutrogena—it’s iconic. And we've always been obsessed with the brand ambassadors that they have chosen as well. To be among them as sisters means so, so, so much. And being Black women and seeing the active steps that Neutrogena is making to be inclusive to women of all types and of all colors truly means the world to us. It just tickles me pink, and I'm happy and I'm grateful. It's a really exciting time!

Oh, I love that. Can you tell me a little bit about your skincare routines?

Halle: Sure. So for me, I tend to have very oily skin. I noticed it for sure when we started touring when I was around 13, maybe 15 years old—my skin was just not very happy when I didn’t have a routine. Before I used to be so carefree, like, “No, I don't even have to do that.” Just… no! [laughs] So now I love using things like the Oil-Free Acne Wash from Neutrogena. I start off with that, then I move on to the Stubborn Acne Treatment because I get a lot of pimples that kind of flare up at times. My skin is very unpredictable. One week it can be so clear, and then the next week I’ll have, like, blemishes and pimples everywhere. Dealing with the ups and downs of your skin while having to be in the limelight and be on camera all the time does make you self-conscious. But the routine definitely helps me feel better, and makes me realize, “You know what, you are doing your part, and the rest is just your hormones doing what they want.” Neutrogena has really helped me out with just clearing everything, and I'm really grateful for that.

Chloe: I'm obsessed with Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost collection because I really love something that just makes my skin glow-y and makes it feel really hydrated. That's what I need. I do have sensitive skin, and I'm grateful to my family and my genes that I don't struggle too much with breakouts unless it's that time of the month for me. But when I do get a pimple, when it goes away, I get left with a scar where it was. 

Hyperpigmentation! Yes, maskne has left me with so much hyperpigmentation.

Chloe: I love using sunscreen because I find that that helps even my skin tone, and it kind of just takes care of that almost in a way. And the more hydrated my skin is, the quicker it'll bounce back. And I love makeup! I love, love, love, love makeup, and I love things that don't irritate my skin. So the Micellar Wipes do me justice! They’re so wonderful, they get rid of the makeup and they don’t irritate my skin or turn it red. 

I was actually just talking to my hairstylist recently about potentially getting sister locs, but I'm a little nervous. I know that if I don't want them anymore, I have to cut them out. Do you have any dreadlock tips, or lessons you've learned since you've gotten your locs?

Chloe: Yes! I would have to say before you get them and you want to see how they’ll look or feel, try getting temporary loc extensions first—see how that makes you feel. I know a lot of women do that to see if they like how it fits or frames their face, so it's nothing too permanent. Castor oil is the best for hair growth and keeping the edges together, because our hair does get heavy the longer it gets. And just being happy. I don't know…  happiness helps your growth with everything—spirit, mind, hair, body, whatever.

Happiness helps your growth with everything—spirit, mind, hair, body, whatever.

I don't know why I hadn't thought about extensions, but that makes perfect sense—test the waters before fully committing. On Grown-ish, you play track stars. How do you stay active in real life?

Halle: Oh, wow. Well, we've always loved to be outdoors in nature. My sister and I, when we’re together, we love hiking and going to the beach. We used to run track in Atlanta for real when we were younger. We just love to kind of sweat things out. For me especially, I'm an Aries, so I hold a lot of like my fire and passion inside, so sometimes running will just help me get all that steam off of my chest and I feel better.

Chloe: Dancing around the house is my favorite! Because it’s cardio, you sweat, and you have fun.

You always make incredible music videos. As a duo, who or what are your inspirations? You always bring the visuals.

Halle: Oh, that's so sweet! Well, in terms of musical duos, I mean, we have legends like OutKast, Floetry, and Zhané who have paved the way for duos. And women like Lauryn Hill are really the reason why we are able to do what we are doing now. I would say those are mine.

Chloe: I'd have to agree! 

Have you been playing with makeup during pandemic?

Chloe: I'm always, constantly playing with makeup. I love a good smoky eye and I love a good lip. 

Halle: Yeah, for me, I'm still kind of learning. I just do like, kind of a glossy face and just some lip product and blush and eyebrows. You know, I just try to do the bare minimum.

You look very glowy! What is the best piece of advice—it can be beauty, life, anything—you've learned from each other?

Chloe: Oh I've learned so much from Halle! I would have to say it's okay to stand up for yourself sometimes, and that less is more in the beauty world.

Halle: Aw, wow. I would have to say just accepting myself—Chloe has taught me to accept myself and who I am. Because that's what's beautiful. I'm constantly inspired by that, and by her example of that.

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