"It's an Emotional Battle": Chloë Grace Moretz on How She Fixed Her Cystic Acne

The first thing I notice about Chloë Grace Moretz is her shirt: It’s the color of a perfectly ripe Red Delicious, and the silky fabric gleams in the natural light of The Greenwich Hotel suite where our interview is taking place. The second thing I notice is how at ease she seems. The way she smiles (openly, warmly), shakes my hand (firmly, but not too firm), and invites me to settle onto the couch with her is more reminiscent of a friend welcoming me into her home rather than a typical, stiff celebrity press interview.

In this day and age, Moretz’s graciousness is somewhat of a rarity. The fact that she rang in her 21st birthday this year without a string of scandals in her wake—a fate that often befalls those who enter the Hollywood machine at a young age—seems proof that she isn’t your average child star turned actress. Instead, Moretz has taken the common experiences of adolescence—from romantic relationships to navigating social media—all in stride, and emerged from them seemingly wiser and more confident in herself. It makes sense that skincare brand SK-II would tap her to front its #BareSkinProject, a campaign that showcases Moretz along with five other celebrity muses without an ounce of makeup on their skin and zero retouching. “It was so refreshing to hear about a campaign that aims to embrace women’s natural beauty and spark a movement of authenticity and confidence,” Moretz says. “I knew that this was a perfect fit for me and what I represent.”

I sat down with Moretz to discuss what it’s really like to go bare, both with your face and your vulnerability. Turns out both can be incredibly liberating. From her battle with cystic acne to her morning meditation practice, keep scrolling to get to know Chloë Grace Moretz.