Chlöe Bailey's Embellished Eyebrows Are a Work of Art

A silver slay.

Chloe Bailey selfie


If you're looking for a star that marries high-fashion looks and Gen Z-approved trends, there's no better person to follow than Chlöe Bailey. The "In Pieces" singer serves editorial beauty and fashion looks on an almost daily basis, and her Instagram pages reads more like a mood board for us spectators. She recently served us some nail inspo with her gold dust French manicure, and now she's at it again with her graphic brows made from silver rings.

On April 4, the singer posted a BTS shot of her glam, which includes her hair in cornrows and a dusty blue stormy eye look. Her lashes are slightly accentuated by smoked-out liner on the upper lid, and her ultra-glossy nude lips pop against her satin skin. Her outfit is more lowkey, as its just a fluffy white robe.

Chloe Bailey wtih chrome eyebrows


As for her brows? Bailey’s natural brow hairs were wiped-out for the look and replaced with tiny silver rings of varying sizes. The rings don’t follow the natural shape of a brow (that is, two straight lines connected by an arch) but have a swoopy shape similar to a floating graphic liner. We’re assuming Bailey’s photo has a blurred filter since there isn’t a brow silhouette peering through the rings, yet she later posted photos of herself with her usual feathery brows.

Brow trends continue to oscillate between feathery soap brows and skinny Pamela Anderson brows, and now graphic brows have entered the chat. Glitter brows were the focal point for models walking the Peter Do SS23 show, and it’s honestly a look that has remained for the catwalk for years. Still, as TikTokers continue to wear editorial looks (like crying makeup) in real life, the stars are following their lead, welcoming the alt-brow trend with open arms. Doja Cat recently pasted false lashes onto her brows, and Julia Fox matched her pencil-thin bright red brows to her fiery red hair.

If you’re looking to paste rings, stars, or any other decals where your natural brow hairs would be, your best bet would be first to shave your brows. As we’ve previously reported, the idea that brows won’t grow back after shaving is a myth—the only downside to taking a razor to your brow hairs is that they’ll grow back as stubble since a razor creates a blunt edge in the brow hairs. After shaving your brows, you can conceal any shadows with a red color corrector, and then place a high-coverage concealer or foundation, followed by a setting powder, on top. After that, take a clear lash glue and go to town pasting Bailey-approved rings or rhinestones to create a faux brow shape.

And if you’re not ready to shave your brows just yet, you can always follow the lead of drag queens and slick them down with a glue stick or eyebrow glue, and then cover them with foundation. Or, for a low-effort eyebrow moment, brush a colored mascara or glitter through your natural brow hairs for a similar effect.

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