7 Summer Fashion Tips I Learned From Olivia Rodrigo's Stylists

Plus, how to find your personal style according to Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo.

Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo

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I always have the utmost respect for sibling duos who are also professional partners. Stylists Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo (known in the industry as simply Chloe & Chenelle) don't just make it work, they're dominating. Their client list reads like a who's who of the coolest people in Hollywood, spanning mega-stars like Olivia Rodrigo, Rosalia, and Kim Kardashian, to It-girls like Addison Rae and Devon Lee Carlson, and they have mastered the art of pairing their signature edgy, vintage-inspired style with their clients' personalities.

I caught up with Chloe and Chenelle hot off weekend one of Coachella, where they styled Willow Smith and singer Rauw Alejandro for a surprise performance with his fiancé Rosalia. The pair had teamed up with Olay Body for the weekend and were ready to spill all their summer style secrets.

Ahead are seven fashion lessons I learned from celebrity stylists Chloe and Chenelle.

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Don't Forget Your Skin Prep

Chloe and Chenelle Delgadillo

Courtesy of subjects

Chloe: "We've noticed a lot, especially in the last couple of years when we go to certain festivals or with our male clients when they don't have glam, they're always asking for lotion or ways to prep their skin. So that's been a big part of [this partnership] coming into work and keeping the models, the talent, or anyone that we're working with and their skin feeling hydrated. It was basically a perfect opportunity to have this partnership with Olay's hyaluronic acid body wash and body lotion duo."

Chenelle: "We care so much about our clients that we don't think about ourselves. But it's nice to put ourselves first because the better we feel, the better we perform. Just like our clients, the better they feel, the better they like their outfits. Everyone always wants to have nourished skin, and so do we, so that's why it just felt like a natural collaboration [with Olay].

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The Coachella Trends We'll See All Summer

Chenelle: "I noticed everyone dressed a little bit more chill. And so I feel like the theme of Coachella and festival fashion was comfortable, chill, healthy, and glowing. Usually you see crazy outfits, I feel like it was more about your skin than any other year. So I feel like that will be a major trend, just feeling comfortable and confident.

Chloe: "Comfortable, for sure."

Chenelle: "Y2K styling is still very, very in and trendy; it's not going anywhere."

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Think About Your Look Head to Toe

Chenelle: "It's everything—your glam, your skin, everything around it—those are all really good accessories too."

Chloe: "I see a lot more people going in on different hairstyles. Coloring their hair, stuff like that. And I think that plays a big part in it all together."

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Don't Be Afraid to Experiment

Chenelle:  "[When it comes to finding your style], it's trial and error. I always say that you don't know until you try it."

Chloe: "But also stay true to who you are."

Chenelle: "You should never force a style just because someone else is wearing it. [But] trying different styles [is key]. Looking at inspiration... it's fun to find who your inspirations are and not copy it, but use it as a guide."

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Confidence Is the Best Accessory

Chenelle: "If you don't feel good in your skin and what you're wearing, it will show throughout the day. Especially for festival style: If you're not confident, and you walk out, you're in that look for so many hours. I think that number one is feeling comfortable because it affects your whole personality throughout the day."

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Vintage Is King

Chenelle: "We're from [LA}, but we moved to Missouri — a small town in Missouri, not a city. So we didn't have stores. Our whole lives, we vintage shopped, and we went to thrift shops—the closest store was a thrift store. Chloe was crafty with all [her] clothes, I just found my pieces.

"But I think we really grew up doing it, so it's very natural. And [we] just like the sustainability of [it] all. I think the biggest tip is to stay patient. Depop, Etsy, all of that is so easy now."

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A No-Fail Summer Unifiorm

Chloe: "Skirts, sneakers, I love a good baggy short. Most importantly, make sure your skin is well hydrated, and you're good to go all summer."

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The Project They're the Most Proud Of

Chenelle: "I feel like my most proud moments aren't what we're known for. It's the personal projects. We worked on a book with [photographer] Nadia Lee Cohen called Women. That was honestly just pure love, heart, and passion. It was less pressure. Working with that many women, and they were so happy to be there, the energy was amazing."

Chloe: "[They were] loving themselves, the skin that they were in. It was really cool seeing every type of person and female body. It was empowering for sure."

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