The Chignon Is Back—Here are Our Favorite Ways to Wear the Look

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Buns are the ultimate last-minute hairstyle. Whether it's rainy weather or a late start to the morning, we at Byrdie HQ are big fans of anything that makes us look effortlessly chic. And while many bun hairstyles earn the title "messy," there is one bun that's a bit more intentional and sophisticated: the chignon.

The word "chignon" comes from the French phrase chignon du cou, which translates to nape of the neck. And with such a sleek, simple style, it should come as no surprise that this style originated on the streets of Paris. The French have long received praise for their sense of style, especially for their ability to capture an undone (yet enviable) result.

Capturing this style is simple and can be very nuanced depending on how casual or formal you desire the final result to look. So as always, we turned to the experts for advice on mastering the chignon on a variety of hair types and lengths.

Here are 29 ways to wear the chignon hairstyle, plus styling tips from two top stylists.

Meet the Expert

  • David Mallett is an Australian-French celebrity hair stylist.
  • Lissa Nicole is a colorist and stylist at Julius Michael Scarsdale.
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Classic Low Bun

A chignon should require little more (if anything) than your hair itself. Mallett describes creating the style as pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head. He also recommends using chignon pins to secure the ends.

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Undone Chic

The traditional French chignon looks like it was completed in seconds. Mallett shares that "to get the most natural and undone French look, the trick here is not to use an elastic."

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Leave Bangs Loose

The chignon is the perfect hairstyle for mornings where you only have time to style a very small section of your hair, such as your bangs. Pull the remainder of your hair into a low bun and style your bangs loose for a finished product that looks like you woke up to your first alarm.

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Croissant Twist

The chignon can resemble another French word: croissant. Mallett shares that to create this low bun you should "pull your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it like a croissant."

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Volumize Your Roots

This styles does not require you to pull your hair back tightly. Mallett explains that rather than being perfectly pressed and flat, you can create volume at the roots with simple hair flip. He recommends that you "tip your head upside down and use a warm blow-dryer to lift the roots off your scalp. As you do so, gently massage the roots with your fingers."

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Slicked-Back Style

For a more formal look, try this slicked-back chignon. Use a comb to pull your hair back tightly before forming the chignon at the nape of your neck. Mallet shares that he always uses the Discostar Gel’lac when going for a tight, slicked back chignon, as "it’s something that doesn’t move. It’s very old school and incredible, and it’s something [he] doesn't leave town without."

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Frame Your Face

Don't be afraid to leave loose strands at the front to frame your face. The chignon is all about understated glamor and Nicole explains that "the more texture and 'imperfections' the better."

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Embrace Multiple Textures

If you have curly hair but still want a sleek look, consider letting both textures shine. Slick back the front part of your hair using a comb and your preferred styling product, but leave the bun curly to highlight your natural hair texture.

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Keep it Loose

For a style that really appears effortless, don't be afraid to make the whole bun loose. After loosely creating the bun, tease at a few strands for a more windswept look. Mallett encourages you to "accept movement in this style." Loose does not mean unfinished though—Mallett recommends the L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray ($15) to create grip on the hair (and then finish your look).

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Micro Bun

Short hair? No problem. Even those with short hair can capture this timeless low bun by pulling the length of their hair into a small bun at the nape of their neck.

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Use a Scrunchie

Skip the bobby pins and secure your chignon with a satin scrunchy for a look that is equal parts trendy and easy.

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Protective Styling for Curls

The chignon makes an excellent protective style for curly and textured hair—just make sure to avoid fastening it tightly as this can cause breakage. Be sure to apply your favorite leave-in conditioner before styling to provide needed moisture to your curls.

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Add an Embellished Hair Clip

Your chignon can be taken to the next level with the addition of an embellished hair clip or even a gemstone brooch in a pinch. Just style your hair into the signature low bun and add your chosen glitz just above the bun.

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Macro Chignon

If you have long hair (or extensions handy), an extra large chignon makes for added glamor. You can also use a sock bun insert to pull off this look.

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Ribbon Details

Up the elegance factor of your chignon by incorporating ribbon within it. Simply braid a piece of ribbon into your hair before wrapping the braid into a knotted bun.

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Seamless Chignon

Popular for weddings and other formal events, this take on the chignon oozes sophistication. For this style, Nicole recommends that you "roll the ends of your hair into one curl, curling under. If your hair is thicker, you can secure the tail of the hair and the sides of the bun you have rolled. For finer hair you can use a sock bun or any other mesh anchor to pin into the center of the curl."

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Add a Headband

If you're dealing with flyaways or shorter layers of hair when styling your chignon, consider adding a trendy headband. The headband will hold back these uncooperative pieces and still allow for the chignon to shine through.

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Include Statement Clips

Once you've styled your hair into a chignon, use statement clips and pins to secure any loose strands or flyaways. This adds glamor and ensures your hair stays fastened away from your face.

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Grecian Glam

Take your chignon from France to Greece with the addition of metallic accessories. Incorporating gold or silver accents into your chignon will result in a glam look reminiscent of a Greek goddess.

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Add a Twist

Another way to differentiate your chignon is to add a twisted section of hair leading into the low bun. To do this on yourself, part your hair to one side. On the side with more hair, take a section and twist it before incorporating it with the rest of your hair and forming the chignon at the base of your head.

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Add a Side Braid

Similar to the twist-in style, except this time you are going to braid the section of hair before incorporating it into the low bun. When attempting more complex styles, Nicole recommends that you set yourself up with either a 3 way mirror or a mirror front and back so you can see the back of your head for optimal styling. 

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Braided Halo

This take on the chignon gives the illusion of a braid holding the bun together. Start by creating a low ponytail in your hands and separate it into two sections. Tie an elastic around the top section and braid the bottom section. Once you have your braid completed, create a bun using the hair in the ponytail section and then wrap the braid around the outside of the bun. Finally, secure it with bobby pins.

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Middle Part Magic

If you have been looking to try out a middle part, the chignon hairstyle provides a great gateway to do so. Simply part your hair evenly down the middle before pulling it into your low bun. Another option would be to create a ponytail instead of a bun for a similar bold style.

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Create Texture

For those with thin or fine hair, Mallett recommends creating texture for a stronger chignon. Before styling, Mallett builds texture and volume with the Volume Powder he created. This allows for more movement in the hair.

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Accent with a Hair Scarf

Cover up your elastic and accessorize your chignon by tying a hair scarf around the base of the bun. While the scarf covers the hair tie, it is important to still use one that will not damage your hair.

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Add Flowers

Adding flowers (fresh or fake) to your chignon can create a whole new look. This is a great option for the spring or summer.

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Get Crafty

With some glittery or beaded craft wire, you can take your low bun from messy to magnificent. Simply wrap this wire around a low pony before twisting it into a bun.

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Braided Base

For this elevated chignon, start to french braid your hair into a single plait. Once you get past your scalp, stop braiding and pull the rest of the hair into a low bun. Tease the braid a bit for a messier look.

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Perfectly Polished

The chignon allows for a smoothed, polished look without disturbing the natural texture of your hair. Nicole recommends using Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy when pulling the hair back to create this perfectly symmetrical look.

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