10 Effortless Ways to Wear a Summer Scarf

It's a must-have accessory this season.

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Even though you might think it's too hot to wear them, scarves are one of the chicest summer accessories. Need proof? Just take a glimpse at photos of Kiera Knightley circa the early 2000s or a character from The O.C.—their scarf-adorned ensembles prove you can’t go wrong with this trend. These days, influencers and celebrities alike have been spotted wearing them in several creative ways—sporting them as headscarves, tops, and everything in between.

To help you figure out how to incorporate a scarf into your summer looks, we've rounded up a specially curated guide. Ahead, 10 of the most stylish people on the internet show us the many ways we can style a scarf.

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A Chic Headscarf

Woman wearing a scarf

Fiona Luo 

Fiona perfectly emulates what it means to style a scarf. Her outfit is not only transitional from spring to summer, but it’s also perfectly accessorized from head to toe.

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A Head Wrap

Woman wearing a scarf

Sarah Letalik

Sarah perfectly styled a scarf for when it’s raining, and you need to keep your hair perfect or for those summer nights when it gets a little chilly. 

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A Cool Neck Tie

Woman wearing a scarf

Jennifer Gomez

Jennifer is channeling '70s meets '90s vibes with her scarf tied around her neck. This is the perfect alternative for when you want to wear an accessory and stay warm. 

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The Perfect Summer Top

Woman wearing a scarf

Chloe Schildhause 

Chloe styled her grandma’s scarf as a top, and this outfit has us dreaming of summer. Have a vintage scarf you can’t figure out what to do with? Try wearing it as a top for maximum stylish comfort.

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A Beautiful Belt

Woman wearing a scarf

Sage Leopold 

Sage told us she’s been playing a lot with billowy clothing and thinks using a scarf as a belt gives the dress and blouse combo more structure and adds a fun pop of color. She even tied the look together with some MNZ mesh slides and a soft pink purse to match. Perfection! 

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A Summer Top

Woman wearing a scarf

Emma Zack

Emma never fails to impress us with her use of vintage. This vintage Nicole Miller scarf styled as a top has us dreaming of warmer days ahead.

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An Effortless Hair Accessory

person wearing a scarf

Aja Grant

Aja is not only a fashion legend but one of the most talented people we know. When he’s not rocking out with his band, he’s posing in the latest trends. We think he nailed this look.

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An Elevated Top

woman wearing a scarf top

Liana Kornitzer

Liana is wearing vintage head to toe, and she makes it look fabulous. Who would have thought to style a scarf as a top like this? It looks incredibly chic.

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A Super Stunning Hair Tie

Woman wearing a hair scarf

Lulu Graham

Lulu’s scarf style is simple and subtle. This outfit is perfect for any season, and a scarf styled in your hair will always work 365 days a year.

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Grandma Chic Headwrap

man and woman wearing headscarves

Courtney Wittich

Courtney and Bill are having a real Thelma and Louise moment, and we are living for it. Whether you're channeling your inner '90s cowgirl bandit or your grandmother's classic looks, this is a scarf style that is timeless through and through. 

Lead image wardrobe provided by Zara

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