9 Understated (But Stunning) Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Wedding Hair

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Now that wedding season has officially begun, chances are you have a couple of nuptial ceremonies to attend. With so much to plan for—the gift, the travel arrangements, the outfit—hair and makeup can sometimes take a backseat. While your everyday makeup look will seamlessly work for the affair, hair should be spruced up for the special occasion. After all, everyone’s pictures will likely end up all over social media and be around for years to come, so you want your hair to look its best.

Without having to commit to a complicated updo or even enlist the help of a professional, we’ve found nine incredibly chic and easy hairstyles for wedding guests to DIY in no time. These effortless looks are beautiful in their own right and will elevate your ensemble for the festivities ahead. Check out the nine gorgeous hairstyles you’ll want to DIY this wedding season below.

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Fishtail Braid Crown

A braid crown is ideal for weddings; they're romantic and can really dress up any beauty look. But instead of going the traditional braid route, try a fishtail instead for a trendy, cool-girl vibe. 

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Simply Clipped

This arguably is the most simple updo. Just pick a chic looking clip, like the gold one in this picture, and you'll look put together in less than 10 seconds. 


Bantu Knots

A style anyone with natural hair can do that is both elegant and super easy. 


Minimalist Half-Up Lob

If you have medium-length hair that is too long to just leave alone but too short to do a full updo, try this half updo with slight waves. 


Voluminous Ponytail

Dress up a ponytail by wrapping a braid around where you would tie up your hair. 


Cornrow Crown

We're so obsessed with this look. If you've already got long cornrows and looking to style the look even further, wrap them on top of your head. 

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Half-Up Topknot

Topknots can totally be made for special occasions. Take a cue from the picture above and try a half-up version and dress it up with a cool-looking hair tie to wear as an accessory. 

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Sleek Side Part

Play up your natural side part (or go a little crazy and change it up) by making that your hair look. Dress it up with cool bobby pins for a cool spin on it. 


Half-Up Boho Waves

Boho waves are tricky when it comes to special events because they can easily look way too casual. Eliminate that problem by tying half your hair up for a cleaner look. 


Simple Chignon

When in doubt, do a chignon. It's more interesting looking than a tight bun and gives you that easygoing vibe that's still put together. 


Sleek Low Ponytail

We're taking a cue from the runway to elevate what would normally just be a simple low ponytail. To make it really sleek, tie it with a black velvet piece. 

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