11 Understated (But Stunning) Hairstyles for Wedding Guests

Now that wedding season has officially begun, chances are you have a couple of nuptial ceremonies to attend. With so much to plan for—the gift, the travel arrangements, the outfit—hair and makeup can sometimes take a backseat. While your everyday makeup look will seamlessly work for the affair, hair should be spruced up for the special occasion. After all, everyone’s pictures will likely end up all over social media and be around for years to come, so you want your hair to look its best.

Without having to commit to a complicated updo or even enlist the help of a professional, we’ve found nine incredibly chic and easy hairstyles for wedding guests to DIY in no time. These effortless looks are beautiful in their own right and will elevate your ensemble for the festivities ahead. Check out the nine gorgeous hairstyles you’ll want to DIY this wedding season below.