The Cherry Lola Method Is a DIY Way to Hydrate Natural Hair—But Does It Work?



DIY hair treatments are popular within the beauty community, especially among those with curly and coily hair. The three-ingredient Cherry Lola Treatment is one at-home mask that has been trending for over a decade. It is said to repair hair damage, loosen curls, brighten hair, and hydrate. Ahead, learn more about the transformative hair treatment.

Meet the Expert

Jasmine Washington is a L’Oréal Professionnel artist and stylist at Spectrum Salon by Jasmine Lynette in Washington, D.C.

What Is the Cherry Lola Treatment?

The Cherry Lola Treatment is a DIY mask that requires 16 ounces of full-fat, natural organic yogurt, two tablespoons of baking soda, and two tablespoons of Bragg Liquid Aminos. It was created in 2009 by its namesake blogger, Cherry Lola. It has become a highly discussed topic among naturals on message boards and online social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram.

The Benefits of the Cherry Lola Treatment

So what makes these three ingredients so beneficial for hair? "Yogurt has amazing benefits for the hair and skin," explains Washington. "Its anti-fungal properties can help with reducing dandruff. But yogurt also balances the pH of the scalp. A healthy scalp produces healthy hair. Yogurt also helps to moisturize the hair and reduces frizz." 

Yogurt isn't the only ingredient that packs a nutrient-rich punch in this recipe. "Amino acid's biggest benefit is how it strengthens the hair," says Washington. "It also promotes elasticity. Some stylists believe it also helps with reducing the curl pattern, [but] amino acids do not permanently change your tresses—they typically will revert back in six to eight weeks." Washington can personally attest to the success of using this method on her own hair: "I definitely felt more hydrated and saw a reduction in my dandruff," she says.

How Often Should You Use the Cherry Lola Treatment

Now that we've gotten confirmation from a pro about the proven benefits of this method, it is important to note how often should we be using this protein treatment, as too much protein can leave your coils feeling crunchy or brittle.

If you have type 3 hair (or a hair type that ranges from loose curls to tight, curly tendrils), it is recommended that you use this treatment twice a month, while type 4 hair types can turn to it more often depending on their hair's needs. With protein treatments, I personally like to use them weekly on my 4c hair, but as with any conditioning treatment, your hair will let you know if you've overdone it or if the timing is just right. One thing to keep in mind as you experiment with this treatment is that you should always follow any protein-based hair treatment with a deep conditioner.

"Keep in mind that these are all amazing benefits," adds Washington, "but make sure you're also using proper shampoo and conditioner, putting healthy food in your body, drinking a lot of water, and having the proper style and wash routine. All these things, paired with the right product, will impact your hair growth and journey tremendously." 

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