Cherry Cola Lips Are the Juicy TikTok Trend We'll Be Wearing All Summer

So Lana Del Rey Vinyl.

Model wearing the cherry cola lips trend

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TikTokers have a knack for creating trends out of thin air, and the latest one is sure to completely uproot any of your fears about dark lip colors. Enter "Cherry Cola lips," which call on the brown and red tones in a classic cherry Coke, creating a lip that's glossy and pouty, and offers a flushed hue that's vibrant while still letting your natural lips peer through. Ahead, everything you need to know about the trend.

What are Cherry Cola Lips?

Although “Cherry Cola lips” sound enigmatic, the trend is actually pretty straightforward, and combines the brown tones of a cola and the deep berry-red colors of a cherry. It also calls on some of Gen Z's favorite TikTok trends, like using liner to fake a fuller pout, and sheer, shiny "lip bloss"—with a moody twist.

The "coquette" aesthetic is also running rampant on the app, and there’s no better star to turn to than Lana Del Rey circa 2012 when looking for coquette inspo. TikTokers often pay tribute to the “Cola” singer in the captions of their Cherry Cola lip videos and the accompanying sounds. Although Lana actually never mentions cherry Coke specifically in "Cola,” she often references her affinity for the all-American drink throughout her other songs, especially the unreleased ones that have gained a second life on the app.

While Lana was all about peachy nude or classic red lips during her Born To Die era, recently she's been opting for more mature lips with natural-looking brownish-red tints (think: the movie lips trend). Similarly, TikTok's current lip trends are erring on the side of dark-yet-natural, which makes sense as to why TikTokers are opting for colors like brown, berry, and deep reds as opposed to bright and bubbly pinks.

But you don’t have to be a Lana stan to get in on this trend—aesthetic aside, people love the cherry cola trend for defining their lips and adding a glossy pout in one fell swoop. The brown tones in the lip liner look like a natural shadow created by pouty lips, and the red tones in the gloss have an “MLBB” quality that makes lips look dark, yes, but flushed, and not as intensely pigmented as a traditional lipstick.

How to Get Cherry Cola Lips

TikTokers have all but banished the idea of matte lips, so you’ll want to grab a red-brown lip liner just a few shades darker than your skin tone (for the cola) and a sheer cherry red or berry lip gloss (for the cherry, of course). TikTokers swear that the Hourglass Phantom Volumizing Glossy Balm ($36) in the shade Lure is perfect for this trend, or they're opting for the Fenty Gloss Bomb Cream Color Drip Cream ($11) in the shade Fruit Snackz.

First, line your lips for the fullest pout—overline the center part of both your upper and lower lips, and then follow your natural lip line as you reach the corners—and then fill the outer corners of your lips in with the liner. After that’s done, apply your red lip gloss all over your lips, focusing on the center of your lips and blending the color out.

The result is a pretty lip that's bursting with blushing color and fullness. Whether you love Lana or no, the Cherry cola lips trend will have you swapping out your red lipstick for something a little juicier.

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