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Checkerboard nail design


ICYMI: Checkerboard print is the latest Y2K trend to make a comeback. The pattern is popping up everywhere, from clothing to jewelry to nail art. In terms of the latter, we've spotted checkerboard nails all over our feeds lately. They are a fun, easy-to-create nail design, and we love that there are plenty of ways to make the look your own. Thinking of trying the trend? Ahead, we've rounded up 35 checkerboard nail art ideas you'll want to copy in the coming weeks and months.

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Lemonade Pop Checkerboard

Pink, orange, and yellow mismatched checkerboard nails


Checkerboard nail art makes quite a statement—even if it's only one nail. We love how nail artist Amy Tran used a lemonade-inspired palette to create this fun mismatched mani.

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Lilac and Red Checkerboard

lilac and red checkerboard nails


This mani does it all by incorporating checkerboard print, French tips, side-by-side color, a smiley face, and an iconic almond shape.

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Hot Pink and Peach Checkerboard

Pink and Peach Mix and Match Mani


Hot pink and peach? Now that's a checkerboard color combo we can get behind.

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Black and White Checkerboard

Basic Black and White


For a full check look, keep it classic with an allover black and white pattern.

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Standout Checkboard

Standout Checks


How fun is this mix-and-match checkerboard nail art idea? While each nail is undeniably bold, the classic black and white checkerboard nail stands out.

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Oversized Checkboards

Oversized colorful checkerboard print


Excuse us while we fawn over these flawless oversized checkerboard nails. This multicolor approach is one for the books.

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Cheerful Checkerboard Nails

Cheerful pink, purple, green, and orange nails with checkerboard and smiley prints.


We can't stop swooning over this colorful mani. From the tri-tone checkerboard nail to the cute smiley faces, hot pink flower, and yin-yang design—we're obsessed.

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Grunge Checkboard

Grunge checker nails


These grunge-inspired, checker-accented nails are giving us major Blink-182 vibes.

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Red and Pink Checkerboard

Checkerboard Nail Stickers


Want to partake in the checkerboard nail trend but don't have time for a salon mani? You're in luck! With the Nails of LA Vibe Check Wrap ($14), you can achieve head-turning nails at home for less than $15.

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Abstract Checkerboard Tip

Abstract Checker Tip


Not all checkerboard patterns feature straight lines. Here, the checkerboard tip is distorted with a squiggle edge, which only adds to its allure.

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Chartreuse Checkboard

Chartreuse Check


This chartreuse mani is simply too good not to copy. The distorted checks? The swirls? We're big fans.

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Comin' In Hot Checkerboard

Ultra-bright checkerboard nials.


Excuse us while we run to copy this ultra-bright checkerboard mani ASAP. The smiley face! The cherries! The fluorescent accents! Consider us sold.

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Iridescent Blue Check

Iridescent Blue Check


This checkerboard nail art features a chrome-like finish, making it especially trendy for 2023.

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Mix-and-Match Checkerboard

Black and White Mix-and-Match


For a modern take on the classic, pair black and white checkerboard print with glossy black French tips, as celebrity manicurist Brittney Boyce (who works with Megan Fox and the Kardashians) did here.

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Cornflower Blue Checkerboard

Cornflower Blue Check Nails


These cornflower blue check nails are an especially pretty option for spring. Thanks to their pastel allure, they could also work well for Easter.

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Negative Space Checkboard

Negative Space Checks


You don't have to use two colors to create a checkerboard pattern. Here, you can see how a single color artfully applied to each nail will create an eye-catching negative space checkerboard look.

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Preppy Checkerboard

Preppy pink and green check


Pink and green are a classic preppy combo, and here, you can see how lovely they look when paired with a trendy checkerboard print. Fun, right?

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Wicked Green Checkerboard

Black and green check


Black and green? A wicked good checkerboard color combo, if you ask us.

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Checkerboard Accent

Checker accent lilac, mint, and cornflower nails


These lilac, mint, and cornflower blue nails are giving us major '90s vibes. And the black and white checkerboard accent only makes them that much better.

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Matte Pink and Red Checkerboard

Matte Pink and Red Check


Let this be your reminder that checkerboard nails don't have to be glossy to be gorgeous.

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Distorted Checkerboard

Mix-and-match checker nails


There's not a single nail we don't love in this mix-and-match mani. From distorted checkerboard prints to neon french tips, you get to enjoy so many trending nail art designs.

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Neutral Checkerboard

Neutral black and brown checker nails


This milk chocolate brown mani is yet another pretty way to rock the checkerboard nail art trend.

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Baby Pink Checkerboard

Baby pink manicure with checkerboard and flame prints.


Another way to rock a mismatched checkerboard mani is by pairing it with another quirky nail art idea like flames, as celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt did here.

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Watercolor Checkerboard

Watercolor Checker Nails


How dreamy are these pink and orange watercolor nails? The white negative space checkerboard bands give it a little extra oomph, too.

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Nude Checkerboard

Nude Check Nails


As you can see, any color combo can make a checkerboard pattern pop. Case in point: This nude and white mani.

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Checkerboard Slivers

Checker Slivers


We love how the checkerboard accents on this purple mani are like little slices. It's a unique take on the trend.

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Star Studded Checkerboard

Star-Studded Check


We love the juxtaposition of different-sized checkerboard designs in this mani. Plus, who doesn't love shimmering gold star accents?

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Burnt Orange Checkerboard

Burnt Orange Beauties


These burnt orange nails are impossible to overlook. The '70s-inspired color palette gives them an earthier allure that we can't ignore.

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Green Checkerboard

Green With Envy


Pistachio, lime, black, and white? A color combo we never knew we needed.

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Warm Tone Checkerboard

Warm Tones


How fun are these warm-toned, checkerboard-accented nails? We especially love the cute art on each nail.

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Bumblebee Checkerboard

Bumblebee Check


You get the best of both worlds with this set as it features a black and yellow checkerboard and a black and white checkerboard on both hands.

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Glitter Jelly Checkerboard

Glitter Jelly Check Nails


Jelly nail art continues to trend, so this glitter jelly checkerboard design is above and beyond in our book.

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Rainbow Ombre Checkerboard

Rainbow Ombre checker Nails


Why stick to two colors when you can have the whole rainbow? You can achieve this look using a glittery rainbow base and then applying white polish on top to create the checkerboard effect.

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Daisy Checkerboard

Daisy Check Nails


We love this hot pink and slightly lighter pink checkered nail. As for the smiley face daisy? Adorable.

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Funky Checkerboard

Funky check Nails


Considering the resurgence of That '70s Show and the emergence of That '90s Show, these funky check nails feel spot on.

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